David Brooks Wonders If Maybe He Underestimated Trump’s Ability To Handle the World’s Punks


Did anyone happen to catch David Brooks’s latest column, “Donald Trump’s Lizard Wisdom,” in the New York Times? I about fell out of my chair, because Brooks almost tacitly admits that maybe he was wrong about Trump. Referring to Trump’s experience dealing with the mobbed-up New York construction scene in his long real estate career, Brooks says:

And yet I can’t help but wonder if that kind of background has provided a decent education for dealing with the sort of hopped-up mobsters running parts of the world today. There is growing reason to believe that Donald Trump understands the thug mind a whole lot better than the people who attended our prestigious Foreign Service academies.

The first piece of evidence is North Korea. When Trump was trading crude, back-alley swipes with “Little Rocket Man,” Kim Jong-un, about whose nuclear button was bigger, it sounded as if we were heading for a nuclear holocaust led by a pair of overgrown prepubescents.

In fact, Trump’s bellicosity seems to have worked. It’s impossible to know how things will pan out, but the situation with North Korea today is a lot better than it was six months ago. Hostages are being released, talks are being held. There seems to be a chance for progress unfelt in years.

Maybe Trump intuited something about the sorts of people who run the North Korean regime that others missed.


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  1. “Maybe Trump intuited something about the sorts of people who run the North Korean regime that others missed.”

    As he did the MSM, Hillary, obamination, the dems, all leftist, and on and on. America elected exactly what they wanted; a political “roto-rooter’.

  2. David Brooks should be very experienced in admitting he was very wrong about things political. Good thing for him PBS has been a very forgiving employer.

  3. Imagine that! All that Trump has accomplished despite the proper crease in his trousers.

  4. Since the first day of Trump’s campaign I’ve pointed to his incredible success in the toughest business in the toughest market in the world. He blindsided corrupt politicians, mafia dons and banksters and lived to do deal after deal.

    Thank goodness the highly paid political strategists and pundits were too stupid to see it.

  5. Ivy League assholes always assume the world’s problems all arise from everybody being unhappy that they don’t belong to the same club Ivy League assholes think they belong too. The reality is that the majority of the world doesn’t give a shit about the Ivy League nor who went to it. If you’re a fucking pussy, they’re gonna treat you like a fucking pussy, even if you did graduate from Haaaaahvaaaaahd with honors… perhaps especially so.

  6. People who attend our “prestigious” Foreign Service academies are book smart people with no accomplishments in the real world, and are indoctrinated in socialist globalist progressive BS political correctness.

    President Trump on the other hand has big league experience making deals and leading in the real world, and what’s more, has big league accomplishments to back it up.

    President Trump has more positive foreign policy accomplishments for the US and our allies in 15 months than Zero, sKerry, and Hitlary had over 8 years. All they managed to do was empower Iran, Russia, ISIS, and Muslim Brotherhood while screwing Israel and the rest of our allies.

  7. Trump wrote The Art of the Deal while Obola was still wearing short pants. Has anyone read excerpts of Ed Klein’s newest book, “All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump”? Geoff C. came across a lengthy quote from a commenter over at MOTUS AD yesterday in which Klein directly quoted an Obola “friend”, saying that the former president has reverted back to his pre-WH days of spending his days playing favorite video games and smoking dope; a sort of resurrection of his choom gang days. So what we had, basically, is a pot head, basement-dwelling faker in the WH for eight years. A black Jeff Spicoli. Not even a real leader of the hard Left, but a “clean, articulate” puppet “of color.”


    Not too hard to be smarter than this:


    Why no spectacular tell-all’s about Trump in college? Why no tell-anything’s at all about Obola at Columbia and Harvard?

    We’re in a war with the Left. They won’t win. They can’t win.

  8. Mea culpas like this could persuade Bill Kristol to have that smirk frozen off his face with Botox

  9. Look up Quisling and his name, Brooks…should be there, if not just add it to the list…he was a token on PBS a long time ago.

  10. A PUNK writing about…handling punks?

    How rich.

    THIS is insecure reverse beta projection.

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