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DC Comics Remakes Superman

In case you hadn’t heard this week, Superman (technically, Clark and Lois’s son, Jon Kent) has come out as “bi-sexual.” Here

Now CNN is gloating over an “updating” of Superman’s famous motto (which is notable for its glaring new omission). Here

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  1. If the Progs / Queers can figure out a way to FOOK something up, they’ll do it.

    Now is the time for us to BOYCOTT ALL DC COMICS!!!!!

  2. “Truth. Justice. And a Better World.”

    Sounds suspiciously a lot like “Build Back Better” – a NWO communist theme.

  3. How much do comic books cost now, like $10.00 for something that children could by for spare change during the Golden Age.

    I imagine the only people willing to fork out the $$$ to buy what the major labels are putting out are those looking for affirmation of their compulsions and hatreds of normality.

    I can’t explain the willingness of the comic publishers to destroy their established franchises so thoroughly.

  4. Well, you know They got the Idea from Justine Turdo when he went out for Halloween as Clark Kent/Super Fag in his first year as Prime-Cocksucker of Canuckistan.

    Google it. Typing his name makes me vomit, but he did it.

  5. Wasn’t it the 2013 remake that removed The American Way? Who is surprised?
    A very minor group within the human race is dictating how things “should” be and the media is parroting them.

    Do not get me wrong, I have a brother who has “come out” and I love him, but NO, it is not normal behavior. He can live his life in the way he wants, but I do not have to agree that is normal.

  6. Batman

    Google battyman in the Jamaican Urban Dictionary:

    and I quote: “Originated from Jamaica meaning Gay.” Batty is the word for bottom, so battyman is portraying a man who loves bottom. It is also use as an insult in the same way as ‘faggot’.”

  7. We knew for a long time he was effeminate,

    He might stand strong when someone was shooting him in the chest but he really pussied out when he ducked because they threw the empty gun at him.

  8. There is way too much faggotery in the world today.

    These pole smokers are going to ruin our children…they must be stoppped!

  9. “Look up in the sky: It’s a bird! It’s a plane!:

    No! – Superman’s gay partner just buggered you while you were looking.

  10. As awful as “Justice League” was, I won’t attend a movie of the franchise again anyway.
    Everything the left gets their grubby paws on is rendered worthless.

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