de Blasio being sued for 1 billion dollars for allowing sanctuary illegal to rape and murder


New York City- He’s being sued for $1 billion over the rape and murder of an elderly woman.  And it’s going to get interesting.

The suit indicates that D&A Investigations Inc. (Fla) represents victims of a $1 billion claim against Bill de Blasio aka Warren Wilhelm, (Individually) Mayor of New York City, and the City of New York (Sovereign entity) conspired to attack, rape and murder 92-year-old Maria Fuertes.

21-year-old Reeaz Khan, an illegal alien, attacked, raped and murdered Maria Fuertes while she was walking home on Monday 6 January 2020. 

Maria Fuertes was discovered on the sidewalk near Liberty Avenue and 127th Street in Richmond Hill at 2:00am. and taken to the hospital where she later died from injuries, including a broken spine.

The suit also alleges that Bill de Blasio was intentionally non-compliant with the Federal Immigration Detainer placed on Reeaz Khan in November 2019 from a previous arrest for assault and weapons charges.

It further states that Bill de Blasio aka Warren Wilhelm, (Individually), the Mayor of New York City, and the City of New York are complicit with Reeaz Khan in the attack, rape and murder of 92-year-old Maria Fuertes.

De Blasio has been an exceptionally vocal supporter of immigration sanctuary status and has prohibited NYC police bureaus from actively working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents when an illegal alien is jailed. 


22 Comments on de Blasio being sued for 1 billion dollars for allowing sanctuary illegal to rape and murder

  1. Good – go get these traitorous politicians anyway you can. I hope he dies broke in a ditch fighting a rabid raccoon over a chicken bone.

  2. Good news! I hope they win the billion, plus triple damages! With Warren Wilhelm personally liable for more than he can afford to pay. NYC and NY State to pick up the balance.

  3. Just be sure to go after the “individuals” that decided on this sanctuary bullshit and not the taxpayers in NY……
    “The first stage in the corruption of morals is the banishment of truth …”
    Michel de Montaigne

  4. The scum like Wilhelm are so insulated from direct action against them that they have little fear of facing accountability. That veil emboldens them to implement their idiotic and dangerous ideas.
    The public, and especially those with no influence pay a heavy price for it.
    Maybe this will work but sadly I doubt it.

  5. While it would be actual justice to win and collect for this f*ckery, the city lawyers can drag it out until it’s settled for a check with a lot less zeros on it. A whole lot less.

  6. It’d seem like an intentional, politically motivated breach of the obligation to law enforcement should result in PERSONAL liability for the easily predictable results. Until we have (D)irtbag leadership impoverished by their own stupidity, there’s no reason for them to stop – other than their concern for the populace, HA!

  7. It’s about time someone did this. Everyone of these scumbag politicians should be held personally responsible for the crimes committed by these animals. Hang them and the animals they let in.

  8. “The scum like Wilhelm are so insulated from direct action against them”

    this needs to change.

    take the taxpayers off the hook and put the politicians on it.
    make the critters who thought this was good idea and have them pay the billion

    ny state is broke and the retard andy is governor, make him pay along with his democrat horde

  9. I don’t know that the old woman was racist but I don’t know she wasnt. Justice will find you out, the tora bible says somewhere towards the back.

  10. Whenever the lawyers who rep the victim have a chance their closing mantra is “No body is above the law, not even the Mayor of New York”.

  11. As always the ACLU is too busy not representing Constitutional Law. If they were, this would be a everyday happening.

  12. So, in other words the tax payers will be the ones stuck paying this bill if it ever goes to trial because a demoncrat is not subject to the laws like everyone else is, they are one and all above it once they swear their allegiance to satan.

  13. Anyone who could have prevented him from committing this crime by use of current law and didn’t, should be charged as an accessory.

  14. Hope the plaintiff is successful. Wilhelm will find it difficult to be a rich communist without any money, and nobody pays any attention to a poor communist.

  15. Here’s hoping that he offers sanctuary to a plane load of Huwahn Chinese fresh off their almost completed 14 day gestation period, hugs them with his big welcome to NY sanctuary city bull schiite, goes home, hugs his commie wife and half and half children, and 21 days later all the medical community in NY City watches as they breathe their last breath in isolation tents, gone from the gene pool forever.Strangely, no one else gets infected and those granted sanctuary are shipped back to China with the gratitude of NYorkers everywhere.


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