de Blasio’s Rally At Trump Tower Upstaged By Clever Protestors

Mayor de Blasio held a rally in the lobby of Trump Tower yesterday to promote his “Green New Deal” initiative and threatened the president and his family with millions of dollars of fines. The mayor’s publicity stunt was marred, however, by protestors riding the escalator in the background holding signs in support of the president and declaring de Blasio “Worst Mayor Ever.”  More 


18 Comments on de Blasio’s Rally At Trump Tower Upstaged By Clever Protestors

  1. I just love when those denizens of Manhattan bloviate about environmentalism. After all, Manhattan is the greenest place in the world!

  2. Trash away at me, all you want,, Ballmore corner bar, crabs, and nasty ass drafts,, Brothers unite!

  3. Wow, Toxic Deplorable B Woodman, Brown Eyed Girl, Claudia,
    would be surprised how safe and welcomed,,

  4. Was caught in the middle of a giant fight on New Years eve at the Admiral’s Cup some years back…. ’94 perhaps.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  5. Who knew an escalator could be so useful.

    Up and down Up and down.

    Very smart planning. But bad planning on DiCommios part.

    You see Trump Tower lobby is a ‘public space’ and DiCommio took advantage of it but so did those troops.

    Courage is our greatest virtue.

    I believe that is the very escalator Mr. Trump came down on when he announced??

    Was only in that lobby once and it was after the election to take my family there to our MAGA hats. tThe gift shop is very small!

  6. All of the sudden, no Ballsio believes buildings are destroying our children’s future? Talk about no I.Q.!

    Well, let’s start burning his toxic house to the ground since it’s leaving a polluting shit stain on our planet!

  7. The left is humorless. de Blasio and his flunkies thought they had one upmanship over President Trump by announcing their socialist death policy, the Green New Deal, at the Trump Tower. However, Trump supporters know what true one upmanship is all about. Using the escalator to protest is brilliant.


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