De Niro Wants To Play Jerry Nadler

Granted, the two-time Academy Award winner doesn’t have script yet, but if somebody is willing to write a political thriller with a juice role for the actor portraying House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY), Robert De Niro would be quite interested in your project.

With Robert Mueller’s tragic turn before congress last week the 75-year old actor understands that the special counsel’s turn in the spotlight has quickly faded. Thus, there won’t be any productions calling for De Niro to recreate his Saturday Night Live characterization of the now deflated former head of the FBI. But De Niro knows, nobody can deflate Jerry Nadler. More


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  1. It will be good practice for his upcoming role as the leader of the ‘Lolly Pop Guild”….

  2. Start eating now, kid.

    Other suggested titles:

    The Unfuckables

    The King of Cholesterol

    Midnight Waddle

    Not Exonerated By Suspicion

    Wag the Hog


    Meet the Fockfaces

  3. Supernightshade, creosote is black and oily and greasy and highly combustible and if DeNiro were to play Mr. Creosote it would be racist. When Siskel and Ebert first reviewed Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life they said it was the grossest and most disgusting thing they’d ever seen in a movie but they couldn’t stop laughing and highly recommended it.

  4. It’s hard to believe by the silhouette, Nadler has had bariatric surgery.
    He should ask for a refund.
    I blame his spoon.

  5. Yup, Mr.Creosote was one of the funniest skits ever done especially if you were raised on warped humor like me. National Lampoon etc.

  6. Given De Niro’s lack of blockbuster roles in the winter of his life this would be a step up.


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