Dead bat in Walmart salad prompts recall


KFI: Fresh Express has issued a recall for a limited number of its Organic Marketside Spring Mix, after a dead bat was found inside a container sold at a Florida Walmart.

Two people ate the bat salad before they realized what was in it.


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  1. My experience with organic food is that it rots very quickly and often has stray items.
    – But I’m sure it’s good for me.

  2. I sense another scam in the works. Two people were eating on it and they described the bat as too rancid to test for rabies?

    Is it just me or does this seem bogus?

  3. Now they’re extinct. That was probably the last breeding male of the California Long-Necked Salad Sucker bat.

  4. On the bright side. Before expiring the bat consumed all the bugs in the salad.
    Walmart insect free salad mix.

  5. # geeknerd

    There’s the Bullpen and sending links to Fur by email for those questions and links. Why start a thread off with off-topic stuff?

  6. although I loathe and despise Walmart and the leftist Walton Family, people shouldnt go batshit crazy against them in this instance.

    Fresh Express Salads are a division of Chiquita Banana and Chiquita was bought out by a Brazilian holding company a couple years ago. And Brazil is a third world shithole, so there ya go…..

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