Dear President Trump: Please Make America Flush Clean Again

The Federalist: On Friday, while meeting with small business owners in the White House about “common-sense” regulatory reform, President Donald Trump told reporters that his administration is considering relaxing federal water-usage limits for toilets, sinks, and showers. “People are flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times as opposed to once,” the president said, adding that “they end up using more water.”

The liberal press’ coverage of Trump’s comments consisted of a pun-fest of derision aimed at the commander-in-chief. “Donald Trump Forces America to Ponder His Toilet Habits,” Vanity Fair headlined its article, quipping “the only thing we have to fear is 15 flushes.” Mother Jones called it a “weird toilet rant” and CNN framed Trump’s comments around his aside, reporting that “Trump claims Americans have to flush the toilet ’10 times, 15 times,’ as opposed to once.”

But while the media hit the president, the mainstream of American nodded along. “Finally, somebody that gets it!” my sweet apolitical husband wrote in an email forwarding an article of the announcement to me and his brother. When I posted a screen grab to Twitter, his sentiments were quickly echoed. read more

18 Comments on Dear President Trump: Please Make America Flush Clean Again

  1. My calif compliant toilet sometimes takes 4 flushes. I’m saving so much water that all the rich people have plenty for their swimming pools.

  2. When the nutty tree huggers find out how much water is being held captive in septic tanks all across America they will protest until that crap is set free.

  3. Same water that was here when the dinosaurs were pissing in it.
    “Green” assholes are really fukkin stupid.
    And devious.

    That fuckin idiot Pelosi, when she was Speaker the last time, said DC wasted too much water (? – the Potomac is the largest stream on the East Coast and what isn’t used is flushed into the Bay) and came up with (exorbitantly expensive) schemes to put the House fountains under some kind of Tiber creek fantasy, get the steam heat (540 cal/cc for steam as opposed to 1 cal/cc for water) removed because of trap leakage (at a cost of over $1.0 Billion just for asbestos removal), and convert the 2 lower levels of the Rayburn Building into humongous water storage tanks.
    All to be engineered by companies from CA, of course.
    And all her paid “advisers” were CA pinheads.

    Any scam to defraud the taxpayers from their hard-earned money.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Couldn’t we just outlaw indoor toilets? No need to keep flushing, again and again, if there’s nothing to flush.

    And before you prove what stupid Americans you are, it works fine for a billion newer, better, Americans. That’s why they need to run things, like call centers, Google, and Facebook. That heritage Americans are too stupid to do.

  5. OK, say you develop a toilet that uses 40% less water per flush.

    But you end up having to flush it twice instead of once to get everything flushed.

    What does that mean?

    To liberal, you have saved water twice which doubles your savings, but to a conservative you have wasted 80% of the water you just used.

    Who is right and what is the assumption behind each position?

  6. There are 2 1/2 baths at the house that was built in ’69. One toilet was replaced years ago with a smaller tank version. It is specifically designated as a #1 receptacle ONLY. The other two have had their guts replaced a few times and I’ll keep them until you pry my cold, dead ass off of them. (sorry for the visual)


    That felt good!

  8. I have my own well.
    I have my own septic tank.
    I live on a large lake.
    When I do anything with water – wash dishes, wash clothes, wash hands, shower, flush toilets, nature recycles it.

    Finally successfully explained to my daughter (“university educated”) that I am NOT harming the environment by using as much water as I want.

    Pet Peeve: Too few students are ever taught actual science.

  9. I remember using the bathroom at a store a long time ago- maybe Target? The toilet couldn’t handle the job of flushing down urine. It was hilarious. Their water bill must be asstronomical.


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