Debate Aftermath – Hillary’s Dressing Room

HEMPSTEAD, New York (World News Bureau) – A photo taken in Hillary Clinton’s dressing room at Hofstra University Monday night may show how the candidate was able to endure nearly 90 minutes on her feet.

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  1. Marleenna1959 • 19 hours ago

    Sorry, I don’t believe it. I don’t think Hillary would leave any half-empty glasses of liquor.

    I agree with that comment.

  2. I love Scooter’s sense of humor.

    The reason for all the missing drug paraphernalia? The Secret Service manages it and won’t allow evidence left behind.

  3. Easy. She simply lowered that long stick she has up her ass, and it provided support for the whole 90 minutes.

  4. was there a line at the door of 20-80 yo males that self-identified and females so they could go in and hang their thang ?

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