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Deep State Operatives


On the day after the Mar-a-Lago raid in 2022, the FBI raided the home of Pennsylvania Representative Scott Perry. {DETAILS}  Factually, there were a series of coordinated FBI raids and targeted inquisitions that were intentionally timed to trigger immediately after the August ’22 Trump raid.

What most people do not know was that President Trump’s former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows [bold added] essentially set up Scott Perry.   After the DOJ framed the J6 events as a “national security threat,” Mark Meadows was essentially a walking FISA virus.  Meadows sent Perry text messages via an encrypted Signal app, however, Signal was cooperating with the DOJ/FBI to give all communication to the targeting units of a weaponized surveillance state. More

I highly recommend taking a few minutes and reading the whole piece. – Dr. Tar

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  1. Who said a bullit in the face werks
    This Dummkopf has no functioning frontal cortex. Lost in childhood, by a tumble down the basement stairs. It just fell out. Mommy, mama, mother, momo, I have an owwee, maybe? Let mama give it a kiss & make it all better. You’ll be just fine. No loss my darling.

  2. “Seven years of “Breaking”, “Explosive”, “Game Changing”, “Exclusive”, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.”

    “Somebody stole muh laptop!”…Remember that one?

    “On the night before the Senate impeachment trial began, someone broke into veteran Washington investigative journalist John Solomon’s car, which was parked near the White House, and stole his laptop…The computer contained notes on Ukraine and former Vice President Joe Biden and other sensitive information…”

    That incident gave me pause. I don’t take anything at face value no matter which corner of the media/government complex it’s coming from. It’s real clear that it’s all just the same old news.

  3. Solomon has been unimpressive and more apparently establishment for some time now.
    Eye Patch McCain was one of those not present for Trump’s meeting in DC.
    He and the swamp scum are afraid of their little club admitting those who aren’t “team players” so to speak.
    Very Borg like. eh?


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