Dem Rep. Collin Peterson will vote against impeachment

Dem Rep. Collin Peterson will vote against impeachment He says “it’s all second-hand information” and Trump “has not committed a crime”

h/t citizen free press.

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  1. only need, what? … 16 more?

    are there 16 more d’rats in the House of Representative that believe in the Constitution & the Rule of Law in this country, or all they all Soros stooges?

    … sadly, I seriously believe the latter

  2. only need, what? … 16 more?

    After the Dems cast their votes to impeach, Republicans should also vote to impeach. Thereby insuring a long and embarrassing Senate trial that will air all the Democrats dirty dealings that the media cover up and effectively eliminate all the viable Dem Presidential candidates.

  3. LOL, I posted the following under the wrong thread. I belongs here…

    “Maybe his light bulb finally came on this last year because of this farce. Came face to face with the ugly reality that is liberalism. And i still think nancy wont have the votes to impeach. When that vote comes, democrats are gonna be running out the door like hookers at a revival meetin’

    He sounds and looks like average Joe.”

    There, i feel better now.

  4. Remember ObamaCare? When Pelosi knew the numbers, the Dems in vulnerable districts where allowed to vote against it. I suspect it’s likely the same thing here. I like Major Mal’s idea about the GOP forcing a Senate trial but it’s high risk with Roberts acting as the Judge although the reward could be a catastrophic 2020 for the Democrats at every level and a nightmare party reconstruction that could take years. I know Trumps a gambler but is McConnell and the RINO’s would have to be corralled.

  5. There ARE honorable men in the House – not many.

    Most of em (honorable men) eventually succumb to the corruption because it’s the air they breathe – impossible to escape – except by getting out. Starts with easy shit – making a disreputable deal to get some perk for your district – money for a new gym, or something, and then seeing a way to pocket some small change (say, $50 or $100 /day) tax-free while campaigning – then the deals that come which can be personally invested which can amass fortunes (like the avian flu vaccine deals that Obola and Jarrett got into – $5000 into $5 Million) or the bogus “Carbon Exchange” that Gore was peddling (to the tune of half a $Billion or so). Easy, simple, and (though immoral) perfectly legal.
    The ease and smoothness makes movement from the sleazy to the criminal (immoral and perverted) like passing from one room to another – they barely notice. Pages (either sex), women of low morals, dope, alcohol, pliant aides, quickies under the desk, the general pervasiveness of the notion that if you DON’T avail yourself, there’s something wrong with you, are all within a hand’s reach.

    Few emerge unscathed.

    izlamo delenda est …


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