Nadler Stuck In Elevator

…That Won’t Close as Protesters Yell ‘Shame On You! Trump 2020’

He couldn’t push that button fast enough!

21 Comments on Nadler Stuck In Elevator

  1. Good for now, but I look forward to the day when that corpulent little toad is Dragged out and tar and feathered by an angry mob.

  2. Between this one and the “Adam Schiff booed off the stage” I have a rather large smile on my face.

    Now do Nancy…

  3. Somebody must have been pushing the button in the lobby while The Zipper was pushing it in the elevator.

    I remember the Kavanaugh show trial, when the Dems were doing Capitol elevator stunts like this, and the media ate that shit up. AOC even invited an elevator crasher to the SOTU. Now, they’re the ones besieged in their offices. I can’t wait for the second week of impeachmas.

  4. Elevator was confused. In a panic, Nadler accidentally pushed an UP button. Elevator knew Nadler was on board and automatically headed for the cafeteria.

  5. Load limits on elevators. They wont move if overloaded.

    Elevator was thinking “no, you’re not going up, you’re going DOWN buddy”


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