Democrat Election Scam Just Chose Wyoming’s Next Republican Governor

American Thinker: Democrats pretending to be Republican for primary day just chose the next Republican candidate for governor in America’s reddest state.  Wyoming gave President Trump his biggest victory in the entire presidential election, with sixty-seven percent of the vote.  Because the state is so red, the Democrats’ choice will definitely win the general election and become the next governor of Wyoming.

In Wyoming’s recent primary, Republican voters didn’t get to choose their own  candidate.  Democrats in the 21st century don’t believe in having two-party elections.  In California, they try to shut out Republican voters by having a system where the two highest polling candidates win, even if both are Democrat.  In Wyoming, they believe they should get to choose their primary candidate and ours – because they will choose more wisely and more “moderately” than Republican voters.  They get away with it, because Wyoming was forced by the federal government under Clinton to allow cross-over voting in the primary.

A red state like Wyoming has a double problem come election time.  Democrat politicians don’t have a chance to be elected, so at all levels of local, state, and federal office, they masquerade as Republican candidates, lying to the voters about their true political affiliation.

The double whammy is that Wyoming voting law allows people to register or change their party affiliation at the polling place on voting day and vote in whichever primary they choose.  So RINOs are chosen in the Republican primary by Democrat voters pretending for a day to be Republicans.  It makes a travesty of the two-party system and cheats Republicans of getting to select their own candidates.

Wyoming is small in population but economically one of our most important states and a key part of President Trump’s pro-energy agenda.  It is famous and beloved for Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks; it should be equally beloved for its contribution to the nation’s economy.  Wyoming is surpassed only by giant Texas as an energy powerhouse.  Wyoming’s Powder River Basin is one of the greatest coal fields in the world.  It produces more coal than the next six coal-mining states combined.  If Wyoming stopped producing fossil fuels and uranium, 30 states would go dark.

This year, a few days before the hotly contested gubernatorial election, Democrat supporters mounted a campaign called Switch for Wyoming urging their voters to switch their affiliation to Republican in order to push the most liberal GOP candidate for governor over the top.  They pulled it off.    MORE

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  1. Just have the most conservative run as an independent like Murkowski pulled off in Alaska. They should be able to consolidate the Trump vote in the state.

  2. The Uniparty has its ways. It’s a constant effort to fail leftward while giving the appearance of fighting. The federal government forced them? I’m guessing the “force” could be reversed easily, but everybody who matters prefers things to stay just the way they are.

  3. So, republicans can’t do the same to the demoncrats? Fight fire with fire. And I think I read that there are more republicans than democrats, so how fun would that be? I can’t believe republicans are more lazy then leftist socialists.

  4. Democrat Kathy Manning, running for the house against consistently conservative Ted Budd in NC, is attempting to portray herself as an Independent. You read her campaign bullshit stuffed in the mailbox and you’d think you were looking at a Barry Goldwater bio. Upon further inspection, on her website, she’s for abolishing the non-existent “gun show loophole” and she’s for those common sense solutions to fight gun violence that leftists love to talk about. Another chameleon, who if elected will side with Pelosi and Schemer.

  5. Seems as if Foster Friess should’ve known about the scam long before primaries and fought to change the system before Election Day.
    Not sure how WY plans to join Trumps booming energy economy with climate change progs in control, but I’m sure they’ll manage to cook the books somehow.

  6. Engelburka, it’s up to Wyoming’s AG to challenge the agreement and so far none of their governors have been willing to buck the system.

    I’d say Freiss should run as an independent, if voters can’t cross back party lines. If they can then all those dems who voted in the Republican primary would re-register as Ds and vote for Mary Throne the Dem candidate, while the republican independent voters may end up splitting the republican vote and handing the governorship over to the democrats.

  7. Gordon impressed me as a glad-hander.

    I voted for Foster Friess. What’s truly sad is having to witness Wyoming-born people think they’ll never see their state fall like California did.


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