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Democrats Getting Run Right Out of Wyoming

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Republicans’ supermajority in the state capitol now pencils out to 92% of the body, with 86 senators and representatives to the Democrats’ seven. The Democrats attempted to make inroads this election cycle by competing for 17 seats previously held by Republicans. They failed, losing every single one of those races. The Democrats, whose thinning numbers are exacerbated by crossover voting, are even at risk of losing their major party status.

“The Democrats are probably right at the rock bottom right now,” said Martin, whose son, Nate, runs the progressive advocacy group, Better Wyoming. “I don’t see anything coming up.” Roundup

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  1. It has been said that the Red Wave ran into a Blue Wall. I am not so sure.

    I commented several times before the election that the Dems could cheat enough to hold the Senate (or at least make it close). That is because the Senate races are state-wide. Dems could cheat in the major urban areas under Dem control. Meanwhile, they did not have the capability to cheat in all of the House races. Yes, the Republicans did not get a decisive majority in the House, but I think that is because the Major Urban areas also had House races and by blocking out Republican voters, the Dems were able to win urban House races.

    The Dems really don’t give the south end of a rat facing north about Wyoming so it is probably more an indication of voter sentiment that the results of last month’s mid-term election was.

  2. There was a time when a secret ballot was necessary to ensure a fair election. Now it seems that everyone needs to publicly announce their choices to keep their vote from being changed and to make sure a person is actually behind each ballot.

  3. …and that’s why Wyoming is my favorite state. Wish I had moved there years ago. Currently living in a red southern state with purple undertones. Hoping 2024 will make my state solid red again.


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