Democrats Gross Everyone Out With ‘Menstrual Equality’ Ad Featuring Grown Men With Blood Pouring Out Their Noses

or whatever…

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  1. I can’t believe we have so many soy boys in this country! Masculine pride is something these little worms are running from.

  2. The democRATs are now forcing people to line up on one side or the other! Anybody with any sense of decency leaves screaming for Trump while all the mentally ill jackwagons hang on to something firm just to keep from getting sucked out of the room as it emptys out!!

  3. I think the astronaut POTUS Trump spoke with on the call to the space station this weekend was a Trumpublican. When he congratulated the two women for being the first all-women team to conduct a space walk, she said she and her fellow astronaut were simply doing the job they trained for. When he gave her the opportunity to say what she would say to all the young women/girls about her job and being an astronaut she said that anyone can do whatever they want to do — BOYS and girls — if they work really hard and never give up their dreams. I liked her message. It didn’t contain a hint of “woman power!”

    Don’t libtard women realize they are being treated in the same way the Left treats every other demographic tribe? That they are nothing more than mascots? I’d be embarrassed as hell to be used this way. What’s more, some things are just supposed to be private — like periods. This is insane just like everything else on the Left.

  4. Wait a minute. Guys are already having periods in underwear ads. Who are we supposed to be pissed off at here? Confused.

  5. Obviously, the editorial staff is not — in any way — enriched by diversity. Any one who even “has a friend” who’s “a breeder boy”, knows that men bleed. Men bleed so much they often don’t even know they’re doing it.

    Seriously, “ladies” (and those who identify as such), have you never, in your entire lives, heard “You’re bleeding.” uttered in the presence of “men” (and those who identify as such), to see them (more than one, if multiple are within earshot) visually inspect themselves, to find where? They do it. They know they do it. They just don’t care. “Eeewww!” But that’s on you, not them.

  6. Reports of widespread democratic leadership support for this courageous new thrust for equality. It makes perfect sense to them.

  7. Lazlo The Elder OCTOBER 21, 2019 AT 8:59 AM
    “Dems are way too into bodily fluids’

    …well, if they like blood so much, I can think of FAR more productive ways we can let them see more of their OWN, a LOT more…

  8. …I DO kind of like the appearance that someone busted them one in the schnozz, though, perhaps if people actually DID, it would help put their minds right…

  9. Hold on a sec … does that mean that they get fucked in their noses?
    Must be some real needle-dicks.
    (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

    Menstruation is part of the ovulation cycle, isn’t it?
    (just a plumber (retired) so I don’t know about such things)

    Or maybe the spermatozoa must make it through the Oropharynx and Nasopharynx until successfully completing the journey to the Nasal Cavity?

    I’m so confused!

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Democrats need yo be sat down and have the real birds and the bees explained to them in small words they can understand.

    Boys are boys and girls are girls. Substantial biological differences. Not interchangeable.


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