Democrats hampering effort to prevent China from buying more American farmland


There is a bipartisan push in the House to bar China from buying more American farmland after business interests tied to the Communist government in Beijing have already scooped up some 200,000 acres, but a Republican-led bill is getting held up by changes sought by some Democrats.

Legislative efforts to block the Chinese from buying more American real estate is being led by Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-Wash.), who said that majority Democrats have taken out all references to the regime in Beijing by offering an amendment to an agricultural spending measure that originally blocked Chinese Communist Party from buying farmland in the U.S.

“[O]ver the last decade, we’ve seen a huge increase in the acquisition of these kinds of assets — farming in particular — by the People’s Republic of China,” he told Just The News. “And that, to me, is just a direction that, while we can, we should do all we can to stop.” read more

Rep. Dan Newhouse: Protecting American farmland from China – John Solomon Podcast.

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  1. Our hate-filled enemies are now within Our borders.

    Some of them, several years ago. The rest, have been here for several, to many, generation ago.

    I will be buried in WV. someday. I’ve seen these people, and…I love these People.

    Whether this will be resolved, may be beyond my lifetime. But, I shall have faith, forever, in the American people.

  2. What happened to similar legislation passed in the ’70s when the Japanese were buying land? Does it not apply to other foreigners?

  3. This woman is literally out of her mind. LITERALLY.

    She just might become president of our country, after Biden is put to pasture, and the slut is ‘Arkancided’.

  4. It may be getting to the point where there will be an open season democRATS, and it ain’t gonna be pretty!

    SAT CONG Foreign and Domestic!

  5. What is it with this country acting like a cheap two dollar hooker? BJ Clinton sold out America’s REE manufacturing to China, his ass fuck ugly wife sold our uranium to Russia, and now this? WTF????? is there no shame anymore in America?


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