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Dems Fear Recounts Help Trump

WaExaminer: Democratic operatives are worried that Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s effort to recount votes in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where Trump won narrow victories over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, could end up boosting President-elect Trump and distracting their party from a desperately needed rebuilding effort.

The Democrats hope to regain competitiveness in the Rust Belt after suffering surprise losses there fueled by the defection of white working class voters who supported Democratic candidates for decades. They worry that the possibility of elevating Trump’s image through pointless recounts, and giving him in effect another win, is not a good first step.

“We should all want to know the final count of this election, which was closer than many people realize, and identify any voter suppression or irregularities that are subverting our democracy,” Rodell Mollineau, a Democratic operative who previously advised Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, said Monday in an interview.

“However, by waiting two weeks, we have undermined our credibility with the public and will be seen as sore losers,” Mollineau added. “And the last thing Democrats should be doing is giving the American people any reason to feel sympathy for Donald Trump.”

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  1. Keep the radical left and their anger and disdain for Americans and democracy front and center. I would not doubt Obama will be scamming his base once he leaves in his own get rich quick – donate to stop XYZ BS.

  2. President Trump needs to hammer on having “heard the voices” of these leftists with their newfound zeal for the integrity of the vote, and aggressively shove the safeguards they’ve been fighting for decades – voter ID, eligibility verification, voter ID, control of the registration process, voter ID, cleaning up voter rolls, voter ID, etc. Give them what they’ve asked for, good and hard.

  3. So to add some clarity to the Pennsylvania recount rules, Stein/Clinton missed the filing date. Rules require three local registered voters per precinct to sign a request, submitted on time, saying they suspect voter fraud and want a recount. Stein/Clinton have less than half the required precinct signatures. So Stein/Clinton sue to force recounts against Pennsylvania state law. Is that about it?

  4. Adding to Deplorable TWP’s list, have every state amend their electoral voting process after the Michigan model, whereby “faithless electors” casting against the state’s majority popular vote are immediately dismissed and replaced by electors who will follow the majority popular vote. The Faithless electors should be placed on a list and branded as such, never more to serve as electors in any state in the Union. They should also be placed on IRS audit list for life.
    That is as I understand it, based on a MI elector’s response to the threats he received if he does not vote Clinton.

  5. I’d like to see a recount and audit of the California votes. It was easily the most completely corrupt election I’ve seen in my lifetime.

    If there were fewer than three million illegal aliens voting in Los Angeles County alone, I would be amazed.

    I suspect that if the illegal alien voters were removed, Trump probably would have won California.

  6. How bout we get rid of motor voter at DMV? If you’re not smart enough to figure out how to get registered to vote, we ought not to be at able to give them that at the department of motor vehicles which has nothing to do with voting and unfairly pads Democrat outcome with people with no life experiences in paying taxes.

  7. Any discovered instance of voter fraud should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    Not just the fraudulent voter, but whoever enabled and abetted it, as well.

    izlamo delenda est …

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