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Dems Pray for Abortion to Save Them


Pro-abortion pundits want to believe that Democrats can maintain control of the House and Senate in the midterms. Writing for the New York TimesBlake Hounshell and Leah Askarinam argue that there is a chance that Democrats will maintain a majority in Congress. Their analysis, especially on the issue of abortion, leaves out key insights that show pro-lifers are poised for a big sweep in the midterms.  More

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  1. If anyone thinks for a second that the dems are just going to stand idly by while their hold on power is threatened, well, they need to put down their Biden-approved crack pipe.

    Among the things the dems can do to derail the great red wave;

    Keep stooking the fears of the pandemic, absentee balloting (and all the fraud that goes with it) can swing elections.

    Redistricting- In almost all of the blue states where the dems hold a majority, redistricting is taking place, gerrymandering in California, NY, and NJ. And important judicial rulings will decide line drawing in Alabama, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

    Keeping Jan 6th relevant including subpoenaing everyone Trump ever talked to in the last 10 years.

    And they will beat the same tired drums of gun violence, income inequality, tax fairness, voting rights, and more gender equity.

  2. @Rich, you’re right. Why the GOP isn’t playing by the same rules the Dems use is VERY frustrating. No, I don’t like them but this is how the game has been established. They don’t have to be snide about it, but they DO have to be RESOLUTE. That requires backbone, something that the Repubs have been lacking for decades.

  3. Relying on killing the innocent to keep them in power…were they reminded of the great Red Butchers like Stalin and Mao? Or maybe it’s Hitler that inspires them.

    My blood boils when I think of the Dumpocrap’s crimes.

  4. The Democrat Party – the party that wants babies dead, comprised of people who regularly kill babies and then vote for Democrats. (Note the circular logic of it.)

    You’d think they would be a small minority of mentally-ill people.


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