Dems proposed an amendment on impeachment trial procedures, which was promptly squashed

LifeZette– President Trump won a Senate vote on the procedures to follow for the rest of the trial. 

This was a test vote on other issues and the president won on what seems to be a party line vote.

This bodes well for him for other issues in the trial and for an eventual acquittal. This vote was after hours of advocacy from both sides.

Dems ironically stressed a “fair trial” even they denied that kind of due process to the president in the House.

The president’s lawyers stressed that the Dems were not ready with their case because there is no case but rather a desire for revenge because they lost the 2016 race and are likely to lose the 2020 race.

As we earlier mentioned, here’s what you can expect from the defense and prosecution as the impeachment trial in the Senate continues to unfold.

The defense- The president’s defense team is aggressive and their team personifies it. They have already come out swinging in their contention that no crime was committed and thus the whole thing is a charade much like past democrat distractions and time-wasters the country has endured since 2017.

They will run into several Dem members of the Senate that want a full blown trial to cover their tails in case they decide to vote for acquittal. Given today’s vote, they won’t get it.

But the Dems know calling witnesses is a two way street and one they could get run over on very quickly if the defense calls the original whistleblower, CIA leaker Eric Ciaramella.

Can you imagine what a brilliant attorney like Alan Dershowitz would do to that guy on the stand? more here

11 Comments on Dems proposed an amendment on impeachment trial procedures, which was promptly squashed

  1. Say it, Dems…“Kangaroo Court”. Say it, or Majority Mitch will make you say it. And hop when you say it, House bitches.

  2. How many millions of dollars are pissed away on this?

    All the dem-maggots involved in this fiasco should be billed an equal portion, and the liars should be hanged. But only, of course, after they pay.

  3. How friggin lame is the republican leadership to let the left make THEIR senate into a circus.

    Imagine if PDJT had his own guy in instead of that lox mcconnell?

  4. “Can you imagine what a brilliant attorney like Alan Dershowitz would do to that guy on the stand?”

    No doubt Dershowitz would eviscerate all the Democrat witnesses, but he’s explained several times that his only role on the Defense team is to argue the constitutional questions. There are at least two trial lawyers on the team who can do just as good a job. The Democrat’s “case” (if you can even call it that) is so shot through with outright lies I think the average commenter at IOTWReport could take them down.

    In the first place, I don’t know why this is being called a trial, because what I heard and saw yesterday was the Democrats trotting out the same lies, emotional talking points (lies), broad-brushed slander (lies), and highly-edited video clips (more lies). In a court of law where real trials take place I believe this kind of thing is called perjury. Then again, maybe I missed it but I don’t recall anyone swearing an oath of truth telling at this “trial.”

    I think the title “lawmaker” has gone to the Democrats’ fat heads. They seem to be taking that term literally as it applies to mounting their case against a legitimately-elected president and all those who voted for him. Because when they are not actually making up new laws on the fly, they are changing those that exist. In a real court of law this is called contempt (of court). It’s applicable corollary is called contempt of congress.

    And since when is a trial conducted as a really long debate against a raft of lies and false premises? Yesterday’s “proceedings” (it is sadly comical to dignify yesterday’s antics by the Democrats with that word), will have to go unanswered by Defense if they expect to keep to the time limits imposed by their agreement with the Democrats. I don’t understand this aspect of this “trial” AT ALL! The Democrats will have spent their time trotting out all the same lies of their impeachment hearings and the Republicans will spend all their time focused on the legality of Articles of Impeachment. It’s as though there are two “trials” being prosecuted simultaneously. And it is for this reason, I think, it would be best for We The People to go through the heartburn of a full blown roster of witnesses. To do otherwise will allow the Democrats to continue into the future unscathed by all their lies over this impeachment.

  5. The democraps are like the boy who cried wolf too often. Most of us don’t believe their bullshit anymore and it will show in Nov. when they get their asses handed to them and they lose again and wonder why they can’t convince the good American people AKA the deplorables to vote for their socialistic/ communistic diabolical agenda.

  6. There should be a change to the Constitution, that is Articles of Impeachment are drafted and submitted to the Senate, and the Senate subsequently acquits, those Representatives who voted for the Articles of Impeachment are thus removed from their office and replaced in a special election (in which they are barred from running) in their home districts.

    That should keep Dems from pulling this impeachment BS when no crime has been committed.

  7. It seems to me the vote should be taken after the Left’s darling, Dershowitz, presents his argument. He will be the one who informs there is no crime, the whole shebang is unconstitutional.

  8. “a desire for revenge because they lost the 2016 race”

    I think it’s more about trump breaking their rice bowl than about loosing the election
    loosing the election only enabled their rice bowl to be broken, if anyone else on the republican team had won we would not be seeing this abomination


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