Dems Slam Omar’s Resolution Defending Boycott of Israel: “An Effort to Delegitimize Israel”


House Democrats are voicing their outrage over Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s  (D-MN) resolution to defend the boycotting of Israel, calling it an “effort to delegitimize” the Jewish nation.

Earlier this week, Omar introduced her resolution–which is co-sponsored by Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and John Lewis (D-GA)–which would support the right to boycott Israel.

Senior Jewish lawmaker Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) told The Jerusalem Post that the resolution would not be taken seriously.

“I can’t imagine that any committee is going to mark up or take seriously any pro-BDS resolution,” Sherman said. more

SNIP: I used to live in Sherman’s district.
He’s a dullard.
And an underhanded, uninformed gossipy weak-sister.
So I’m surprised he said anything at all.

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  1. She’s complete shit – as a woman, as a human being, and worse, as a high elected offical in our government.

    If obama fucked his sister…

  2. The best part of Omar ran down her mother’s leg when she was born and is still in the field her mother squatted down to squirt her out.

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  4. I got news for this incestuous parasite:
    Israelites were legit centuries before the first muzzie was born.
    Now shut up and go home.

    “Palestine” my ass.

  5. Is someone somewhere becoming woke??

    Nah, probably not…..Just a fantasy from the land of common sense.

  6. ‘omar’ isn’t even her real name:
    “In 1995, Ilhan entered the United States as a fraudulent member of the “Omar” family.

    That is not her family. The Omar family is a second, unrelated family which was being granted asylum by the United States. The Omars allowed Ilhan, her genetic sister Sahra, and her genetic father Nur Said to use false names to apply for asylum as members of the Omar family.

    Ilhan’s genetic family split up at this time. The above three received asylum in the United States, while Ilhan’s three other siblings — using their real names — managed to get asylum in the United Kingdom.

    Ilhan Abdullahi Omar’s name, before applying for asylum, was Ilhan Nur Said Elmi.

    Her father’s name before applying for asylum was Nur Said Elmi Mohamed. Her sister Sahra Noor’s name before applying for asylum was Sahra Nur Said Elmi. Her three siblings who were granted asylum by the United Kingdom are Leila Nur Said Elmi, Mohamed Nur Said Elmi, and Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.

    Ilhan and Ahmed married in 2009, presumably to benefit in some way from a fraudulent marriage. They did not divorce until 2017.”

    I’m sure keith ellison, AG of minnesota, will get right on it.
    She is what is called a ‘plant.’ A noxious plant.

  7. Kick the whole stinking pack back to Somalia, do not pass go,do not collect $200.

    Kieth Ellison is on their side!

  8. I’m an American and I do NOT boycott Israel. My name is Erik Thomas McNair. Write it down if you have to.

  9. I would suggest boycotting & divesting from Somalia instead. However, the only thing Somalia produces are people who want to leave pirates. (not the Keith Richards type)

  10. She’s an asshat that them Democratic party is being forced to wear complements of POTUS Trump.


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