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Dems Want Second Bite of Apple and Go After Kavanaugh

Democrats want a re-do of their ferocious campaign against Kavanaugh.


The Democrats led by Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse and Chris Coons raised a series of questions about the FBI’s handling of its sexual misconduct probe into Brett Kavanaugh in response to a letter the Bureau sent them in June. They expressed particular concern that the FBI had received more than 4,500 tips and shared ones deemed “relevant” to former President Donald Trump’s White House.

“The admissions in your letter corroborate and explain numerous credible accounts by individuals and firms that they had contacted the FBI with information ‘highly relevant to . . . allegations’ of sexual misconduct by Justice Kavanaugh, only to be ignored,” seven Judiciary Democrats wrote in a letter addressed to FBI Director Christopher Wray late Wednesday.

“If the FBI was not authorized to or did not follow up on any of the tips that it received from the tip line, it is difficult to understand the point of having a tip line at all,” the letter continued.

The lawmakers asked the FBI to share additional details including how tips were considered to be “relevant,” how many tips it shared with the Trump White House, whether tips were ever fully investigated and if the Bureau still had copies of the tips. The lawmaker also asked why potential witnesses identified through the tip line were never contacted or interviewed.

In the FBI’s letter, the agency noted that it gave the tips to the Office of the White House Counsel because that was the “requesting entity.” The Bureau also said the Kavanaugh background investigation involved different procedures than the FBI’s criminal probes.


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  1. This rings of double standards, what happened to Hunter Biden tips??? Yea, we know…

  2. So this is how they plan to cover up for an angry, crooked, demented old fart and his crackhead degenerate son???

  3. Why? He already proved he’d rule for the Deep State at any time, so it’s not like he’s not already in the tank for them and they can do better…

  4. I know the big picture matters but after seeing his performance on SC, it’s hard to feel like I care

  5. I know the big picture matters but after seeing his performance on SC, it’s hard to feel like I care

  6. And after all those favorable rulings he gave them trying to win their favor. Some lessons are best learned the hard way. Are you paying attention Miss Barrett?

  7. ..meanwhile, Roberts looks anxiously at the guy in the galley that’s always there holding the fat envelope of naked pictures of him to see if he’s supposed to give this standing or not..

  8. Their playbook heavily relies upon getting us to chase squirrels. If they’re doing one thing, it’s to distract us from something bigger and more important to them.

    We’re dealing with pure evil.

  9. “Anything to deflect attention from the AZ audit and GA fraud evidence.”

    Spot on. And also a shot across the SCOTUS bow by Dems, should any litigation arising from the audits reach the Supreme Court.

  10. Gosh. Is Brett glad he’s voted the way he has been?

    Sheldon Whitehouse is part of a RI beachclub that has whites-only membership. No pun intended. Can’t believe they still have those. When a whornalist asked about it, he said that the place has a long tradition. He vowed to quit the club while campaigning in 2006, but quitting must be hard. Instead, he transferred his membership to his wife to distance himself from the club. lolz

    As reported by the leftwing PuffHo, who still carry water for him at the end of the article:

    Will Republican’ts go after Whitehouse? Of course not.

  11. Serves him right

    He is a deep stater and therefore I don’t really care much about what happens to him personally

    As for the FBI, it is just par for the course

  12. …mm, Whitehouse and Coons…there’s a really politically incorrect joke in there somewhere…

  13. “When you got ’em by the balls… their hearts and minds will follow”
    General George H. Patton, I believe.

  14. The anticipated case is a rehearing of Roe v Wade. They want to foreclose the Court taking it up. Stand by for new calls for SCOTUS packing…

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