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Dems Want to Make Minnesota a “Sanctuary State”

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Acoalition of lawmakers and advocacy group introducing a bill that would make Minnesota a so-called “sanctuary state” with the North STAR Act.

State Representative Sandra Feist (DFL- New Brighton) says the bill essentially prevents local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities. Senator Omar Fateh (DFL-Minneapolis) is the bill’s sponsor in the Senate. More

22 Comments on Dems Want to Make Minnesota a “Sanctuary State”

  1. Can we put up walls after we fill it with all of the illegals?
    There were some nice parts of MN, especially in the north. But I am willing to let it go, for the greater good.

  2. I feel sorry for the few conservative friends I have in MN. But the rest of the leftists deserve the Hell they are asking for. I hope they send them to just Minneapolis and St. Paul. They are where the majority of leftists reside.

  3. A Northern Tier Tale
    The Scene:
    It’s an arctic winter night with blowing snow drifts and crystal clear skies and cold as shit.
    You are driving your team across the upper americas towards the red river basin and you slid off the road and the wheels can’t catch a grip so you are hoofing it to this town in the middle of the woods. Help from a couple extra hands and a ride back down the road less than a mile away looks imminent.

    Man, it is c o l d.
    Like Huskies pulling a sled cold.
    Hardy peeps here.

    You enter the station and see multiple ethopians sitting around in the heat and they work there too.

    This, is PBS at Twilight

  4. Sanctimonious State is more like it.

    I can’t figure out why so many skinny undernourished hot weather Ethiopians want to live there. Is there any state more unlike Ethiopia than Minnesota? Do any Ethiopians have experience with harsh winter driving conditions before they get there? Do they have winter snow wheels for their donkey carts in Addis Adaba? Or do they learn OTJ, slipping and sliding off of bridges into the frozen rivers? Try to live and learn, ya know?

    But, better they go to Minnesota, AKA Baja Manitoba, than to my neighborhood.

  5. I recently moved from MN (60 years there, all my life so far) to a nice little town in TX. I need not list the reasons, as they are so plain to see. I am one of many, and the numbers grow larger each year. MN is circling the social and fiscal drain. I could no longer stand to finance it with my hard earned tax dollars.


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