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Dems Warned to Stop Registering Young Voters


This is a little funny.  The Washington Post has an article about Democrat data scientist Aaron Strauss, who helps direct progressive spending at the firm OpenLabs, warning his peers that registering young people to vote, young people of color specifically, is helping Donald Trump. More

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  1. So, registering (young) voters is a threat to “our democracy??” All these people using the phrase “our democracy” are making it very clear what they mean.

    This needs to be repeated every so often for idiot readers who pop in here.

  2. TBH, I’m pretty much against any effort to register voters. If participating in our elective process is important to you, you probably grasp the connection between an informed electorate and the well being of the nation, you will make the effort to learn about the issues and register yourself because you want to be part of the process.

    Facilitating the process were uninformed low information voters can more easily determine outcomes that effect everyone negatively (like electing Democrat’s) does not serve the true interests of a constitutional federal republic.

    Although a youngster registering Republican does provide some evidence of discernment (he recognizes the sad state we are in and places the blame where it belongs), there are still many young people that have a skewed understanding of personal responsibility and the proper role of government.

  3. If you’re an inner city yout of voting age than you’re probably wondering why your little urban play ground has turned into a third world migrant encampment. And if you have half a brain you can figure out who’s responsible for it. And you might be motivated to change that.

  4. Harry, it was better effed up… an earlier comment said don’t run around registering. I agree. If tge person thinks it’s important they’ll get registered and, we hope, informed. Same as mail in. If you too lazy to go to polling place and vote we don’t want your dumb lazy ass voting at all.

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