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Deporting Illegals Saves Taxpayers Billions

As ICE gears up for Sunday’s nationwide sweep for illegal immigrants who have lost their asylum hearings, a new study shows that if this nation could send back the 11 to 22 million here illegally, it would save literally billions in public cost. More

8 Comments on Deporting Illegals Saves Taxpayers Billions

  1. Also, making them understand that coming here is fruitless so they won’t make the trek saves thousands of lives.
    Even the Democrats knew that, long ago. By which I mean a few years ago when 0bama was president.

  2. The money is obvious. But illegals’ effect on the American way of life (crime, bloating our schools with nonEnlish speakers, destruction of our culture and our Contitution) is something money cannot buy.

  3. We would save more money by making the detention facilities exactly what AOC says they are: concentration camps.

    Concentration camps would spend less on food, housing and clothing. Additionally, we could force them into labor by building the wall for us, saving more money. Make sure we give them as little water as possible so they die before we have to deport them, saving even more money.

    As long as we’re taking the heat for it we might as well get some benefit out of it.

  4. They should be decently fed and decently shot.

    Deportation is absurd. They came here illegally, they will return illegally.

  5. Deport all of the illegals all the way down to Tierra Del Fuego. Let them walk from there to anywhere they want. They’d best bring a lunch and warm clothes. It’s a long walk, and you can (almost) see Antarctica from there.


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