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DeSantis Declares… Sort of


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has finally broken his silence on his much anticipated potential 2024 presidential run, giving an interview from the governor’s mansion in which he said that he has what it takes to be president and “I can beat Biden.”

DeSantis sat down with Piers Morgan in a wide-ranging interview, saying “stay tuned” when asked about the potential 2024 bid for the GOP nomination. Former President Donald Trump is currently the front-runner for that spot, as he endeavors to earn his second term.

“It was clear that the governor has had enough of Trump’s constant baiting and felt ready to take him on in what could end up being a ferocious battle for the White House,” Morgan said, writing about the interview for the New York Post.

“DeSantis slammed Trump over his character failings,” Morgan continued, “chaotic leadership style, and for his handling of the COVID pandemic — especially in keeping controversial health chief Dr. Anthony Fauci in his post helping to run the White House Coronavirus Taskforce.”


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  1. “DeSantis slammed Trump over his character failings,”

    That’s funny. It’s pretty obvious this clown has Jeb writing his shit for him. In fact he’s been acting a lot like Jebby.
    DJT 2024, the revenge tour. I vote for Trump because his most awesome America first policies. You can find them here, and they are awesome.

    Compare them to Mr Dysfunctional. Oh wait, you can’t. The Bushes haven’t told him what to say yet.
    Once again, Trump, a world class business man running against just another dumb shit attorney.

  2. All this bullshit attempting to pit Trump and DeSantis against each other is so tiresome.
    It’s like all of the “Trump allies” are trying to sabotage him by getting him to burn every bridge he has, while simultaneously splitting the Republican vote.

    Trump 2024 The Burnt Bridge Tour

    Oh well, another 4 years of biden* won’t be so bad, right?

  3. “All this bullshit attempting to pit Trump and DeSantis against each other is so tiresome.”

    That’s pretty damn funny since that’s all you’ve been trying to do for the last couple months.
    Burnt Bridges to No Where Tour. LOL

    Still comes down to policy and your buds lacking seriously. And Jebs not gonna help much.
    You should read my link so you understand the gravity of the situation. Once again Trumps spot on

  4. Funny thing, all you have is to call DeSantis a RINO and Bushie.
    That’s all you’ve got since he’s been kicking ass and taking names for four years now.
    Seems to me we have an actual comparison though, since Jeb was governor of Florida as well and wouldn’t touch 1% of the hot topics DeSantis has taken on.

    Good luck with your strategy of lies & fake news.
    Kind of ironic, Trump being the biggest purveyor of fake news.

    If you can’t beat Ron, make up flat out lies about him.
    How DEMOCRATIC of Trump.

  5. “I smell fear in the air…”
    You must have gotten a wiff of your own arm pits.

    Honestly, You’re going to compare DeSantes accomplishments with Trumps? Was it DeSantes that had the balls to walk across the demilitarized zone to shake hands with the crazy North Korean. Did DeSantes build the wall? Did DeSantes force those free loading Europeans to pay their fair share to NATO? You are on KRACK. I could go on for hours.

  6. Trump never learned from his mistakes with John McCain.
    So sad.
    He hires Omarosa, won’t fire Fauci, and still talks to Maggie Haberman of the New York Times and Watergate author Bob Woodward, who BOTH keep writing books with the intent to destroy Trump.

    Trump is about to learn the hard way:
    “Don’t start nothin,’ Won’t be nothin'”
    Trump started ALL this shit and he’s about to reap the whirlwind…

  7. Gee, if only Trump would have foreseen having allies being necessary in the future a couple months back when he started in on trying to destroy DeSantis?

    What’s that meme?
    “Me reaping, me sowing”

    Trump could have won the primary handily.
    Now he has a real fight on his hand and it’s gonna get really ugly.

  8. Donny is getting perp walked, Bead will hold his dick very tightly, all the while saying I love you man. You can also sign up to be one of his prison bitches too.

  9. “Brad, please use “too” “two” or “to” in proper context, you are making my brain hurt.”

    That’s pretty weak, even for you. I’ll draw you a picture nest time so your dumb ass understands. You lose, go to bed.

  10. Let me also dispel the idea that DeSantis has to resign as governor in order to run for president.
    That law was rescinded for Charlie Crist when it looked like McCain may pick him for VP running mate when he chose Palin instead.
    It was reinstated in 2018.
    The Florida legislature ends their meet in late May.
    DeSantis appointed the majority on the board so they will rescind that order as well.
    Only then will he announce.
    If you think RDS will step down as governor to run, I have a thousand bucks to bet and give you 10 to 1 odds.
    Any takers?

  11. “I think the amount of vitriol directed at DeSantis”

    You don’t get it. He swapped sides. And he could have been a huge player. For 8 years he could have been a huge player. He’s either stupid, or a traitor from the git. OR, the Bushies have something on him. I’m starting to think it was the latter.

  12. “He’s a democrat now?”

    I’m done, your an idiot. So now you think there’s only two sides. Republican and Democrat. You’re being disingenuous at the least. Can’t have an honest debate with some one that want’s to be as slippery as you.

  13. Funny thing is, I still believe Trump will win the primary hands down.
    The Trump against the world tour where he shits all over everyone is where I worry will cost him the general election.

    This is assuming we will harvest ballots as well as they do this time.
    A big assumption indeed.

  14. DeSantis told the world he would finish his term as Governor before considering a run for POTUS. I guess the donor class swampy globalists’ ego stroking and money are very hypnotic. Shows DeSantis can be bought.
    Too bad. If he supported Trump 2024 he’d be a shoo-in for 2028.

    I really don’t like that Jebby is at all his functions and when asked who the most inspirational person he ever met was he said GHW Bush.

  15. Divide and Conquer.

    Oldest strategy in the World (because it works).

    We need to divide and conquer the goose-stepping maggots of nihilistic totalitarianism (nazis, demonrats, communists, socialists, &c.) and quit trying to H. Ross Perot ourselves. The maggots of the “left” have the saying “No enemies on the Left” while conservatives are surrounded by enemies – see nothing BUT enemies.

    Oh well …

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  16. for whose purpose/benefit would desantis do an interview with pierce morgan at this point in time

    one thing’s for sure, legacy media’s no longer talking about huntard’s laptop crimes, biteme family bank deposits for chinese business payments, J6 video, govt twitter collusion, fauci’s kill shot, etc., etc.

    so far to my knowledge, PDT has never initiated an altercation with anyone, only responding to what others have tried to insinuate

  17. nunyo, the past few months Trump has been unrelenting in his attacks against DeSantis.
    Yesterday he called him a gay groomer.
    Trump’s acolytes have attacked Casey DeSantis saying she was taking advantage of her *checks notes* CANCER!
    Trump praised Charlie Crist and said Florida was easy to govern.
    Trump accused DeSantis of partying with his students, insinuating rape.
    Just last week he filed an ethics complaint that wishes to remove or impeach governor DeSantis.
    He has spent his time workshopping juvenile nicknames, even so far as calling him Tiny D.
    Kind of rich considering that is what Stormy Daniels said about Trump.

    And now he is going scorched against Alvin Bragg.
    Wait, no, no, no, he hasn’t really said much about the DA, his main enemy seems to be DeSantis.

  18. Loco, I knew RDS was going to be just fine when he said,”I don’t know what goes into paying hush money to a porn star”. When they both get on stage it will be an adult arguing with a petulant child, and the perpetually stupid here will say .”See, he hates Trump”.

    I give you credit for sticking around but Brad set the tone with his first comment and I knew there was going to be zero civility so I decided to read instead.

    The binary thinkers will command all RDS threads here, there will be no honest debates to be had. If one does pop up where a genuine pursuit of ideas surfaces, without the vitriol and brainless pejoratives, I will chime in


    Maybe RDS thinks Trump can’t win and the country can’t survive waiting 6 more years. Maybe he thinks he could be an even better president than DJT. Don’t confuse his patriotism or his desire to get the country back on track with any silly notions about GOPe or being bought by the corporates, that’s just dumb.

  19. Haven’t seen a comment from our old friend Dominion but the fact is, all this “election” talk is fucking pointless.

    Are the 2022 midterm results already memory holed?? The same GD MO only this time almost seamless fraud. They were a little careless in places like Maricopa and Harris Counties, don’t sweat it, they’ll have it In Like Flint for 2024.

  20. In a SMART WORLD – The best thing for Republicans would be for DeSantis to announce he’s not running in 2024 and endorse Trump. Trump should immediately name DeSantis as his running mate for 2024. DeSantis would be in the rocket seat for 2028 or even 2024 if Trump withdraws., which isn’t likely.

  21. I’ve read the suggestion a lot here, that RDS should except the VP slot on a Trump ticket … Not gonna happen. He will not do this , I wouldn’t do this and his reasons make sense.

    The VP slot is a special kind of perdition, he is a rock star now and will never play second fiddle to anyone.

  22. There’s no way Trump would ask RDS. And as far as the friction between them we don’t know what going on behind close doors. And I totally agree with nunya bidness. Besides there are better choices/fit for a Trumps VP. Like Elise Stefanik. She’s pretty impressive.

  23. Thanks for your comments Rich.
    Trump has been poking at DeSantis for some time now.
    DeSantis has a plan and has been sticking to it.
    Trump came out with the info that he will be arrested this week just the other day, maybe Saturday?
    The Piers Morgan interview was already planned and maybe already filmed when this info came out.
    Monday DeSantis did blast the NY DA, along with tuning Trump up with a couple rib shots.
    My guess is the campaign ethics complaint/lawsuit that the Trump SuperPAC filed against DeSantis last week was when the gloves came off.
    BTW, the remedy has DeSantis being IMPEACHED!

    Trump wanted a fight and now DeSantis is fighting.
    I don’t know why people expect DeSantis to just STFU and be Trump’s bitch.
    Not gonna happen, look at DeSantis vs Disney, DEI, WEF, FlaDems, CRT, Drag-groomers, teachers unions, defund the police, Gavin Newsome, biden* regime, Fauci, etc…

  24. I could be wrong but I have the feeling that if RDS does get the nomination, whether by command of the debate stage or calamity falls on DJT, either by prison, health or yet another scandal emerging about his wandering dick, that there is a number of folks here who would say,”Nope, not going to support him. He is his disloyal, a RINO, a GOPe, a corporate stooge, or any number of excuses”, and stay home. How fucked up is that?

  25. ” yet another scandal emerging about his wandering dick,”

    Wow. Unbelievable. Yea, I’d vote for Tulsi. We’ve got one puppet in the White House now, how’s it working out. It would literally be the same people pulling the strings.

  26. Rich, it’s the “all eggs in one basket, scorched earth, burn bridges, shit on everyone else, projection & lies, fuck our allies, Trump against the world, all or nothing tour.”

    What we need are a pair of rose-colored Trump glasses that these guys have…

  27. I think yo guys need glasses for sure.
    For instance, Stormy Daniels approached Cohen with the allegations of the affair. Cohen paid the 125K with out Trumps knowledge. Trump international repaid that money to Cohen’s law firm. I’m just wondering where you two guys would put that transfer in you general ledger?
    Not to mention Stormy ended up paying Trump 250K out of this mess.

  28. Brad, Stormy is a filthy cunt. The key point I like to make is not only is their case weak & contrived, the statute of limitations has already passed!

    Trump’s focus should be on this case and ignoring DeSantis.
    Trump has been attacking DeSantis, and now is getting push-back.
    What else did he expect?

  29. Rich, a lot of people here don’t want to believe it.
    Imagine paying someone who is threatening you with false info?
    You tell them to fuck themselves.
    She shopped the story around for a reason.
    She had receipts and intimate knowledge.
    Trump lawyers would have hit her with a cease and desist for slander & libel otherwise.

    Occam’s Razor pretty much sums it up.
    Of course, who ever heard of a powerful billionaire getting free sex from big-tittie women who are doing a little gold-digging themselves?
    It NEVER happens… *Sigh

  30. I do. For a couple reasons. But to begin with Trump’s a bit of a germaphobe. So am I. I wouldn’t touchy that skanky bitch with your dick. I would with Loco’s. But that’s another story.
    This is stage one of the Democrats dirty play book. In fact one of the woman that claimed she was abused by Gorsuch she came out and admitted she lied. Looks like she might be going to jail.
    Another point. Realize how clean Trump’s record actually is. Otherwise they would have got him on something by now.

  31. My point is not to bash Trump, of COURSE he denies it.
    He is married with a nice family.
    That doesn’t mean I have to play dumb though.

    BTW, Trump’s personal life is laid bare.
    It doesn’t matter anymore except for this asshole DA.
    That is why all of Trump’s firepower being focused on DeSantis makes NO FUCKING SENSE!

    One good thing for DeSantis, he won’t have to spend a dime on oppo research.
    We know pretty much all of Trump’s dirty laundry and his cargo ship full of baggage.

  32. ^^^^^ And once again, unproven accusations are not baggage. That’s like me saying “Ron” attended Harvard Law and while he was there he was paid by Epstein to recruit under aged girls and the years late “Ron” was a Florida State Prosecutor and let Epstein off the hook for trafficking minors. Is that baggage? Maybe.

  33. All men have weaknesses and this was more than 15 years ago when she was more comely.
    Yeah, go with that. Amazing!
    “No sex for me, I’m a germophobe”
    Said NO ONE EVER!

    Thing is, she was looking for a job or gravy train position and basically shoved it in his face.
    It wasn’t a crime, just an opportunity to get his dick waxed that was hard to turn down.

  34. “Realize how clean Trump’s record actually is. ”

    That is THE most delusional statement I’ve read in years. You do realize that as of today there are 26 different women that are accusing Trump of sexual misconduct, 26.

    I knew there was a handful of people in the country but still bought the notion that Trump is always been faithful to his wife. But I never thought I would find one on the site.

    You probably thought Trump ties were made in America too, right?

  35. Brad, in the 7 step process of addiction recovery, admission is one of the first.
    Just admit Trump has a lot of documented baggage and you will gain a lot more credibility.
    Arguing against what people have known & learned and seen with their own eyes is a futile endeavor.

  36. I’m a hard headed son of a gun, with all this being said, Trump will still have my vote! That is if he is still around in November 2024. I believe the deep state / uniparty bastards have no intention of letting Trump get that close. As we’ve seen, they will take drastic measures!

  37. He eats fast food and he’s fat. To qualities I have a hard time with. I could go on. But I’ll tell you what’s perfect. His policies. I notice neither one of you talk policies. And the reason is nobody rally knows what Rondas are.

    ht ps://

  38. joe6, if you believe DeSantis is part of the uniparty you are clueless or willingly ignorant.
    You need better resources than Brad or iotw.

    In fact, if Trump did what DeSantis has done in Florida you would call it “WINNING.”

    BTW, Trump still confers with Lindsey Graham who promised to empty the treasury and our nuclear arsenal for Ukraine.

  39. Brad, no one here talks about Trump’s weight.
    The man has far more energy than me and I admire that.

    As for his agenda, can you please tell me WHY THE FUCK ISN’T HE SHOUTING IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS?
    I hear more about his juvenile nicknames like “Meatball” & “DeSanctimonious”
    THAT is what he is focused on???!!!

  40. Brad, we’re not bringing up his policies because both loco and I have only posted about a thousand comments over the years praising his policies. He both said over and over and over what a great President Trump was. But with your attention span you forget all those comments and crazily think that we are Trump haters.

    It’s okay to admit that he is a flawed human being with buckets of personal failings and still consider him a great president. But to ignore the obvious just makes you look silly.

  41. Loco, I didn’t say DeSantis is a part of the uniparty. In fact I didn’t even make a vague reference to connect the two. However, what is undeniable is that the uniparty’s choice between Trump and DeSantis is definitely DeSantis. Once the Republican nominee is in place then the uniparty will move in to destroy whoever that person is. Trump so far has proven himself able to hold up to constant attacks. It’s unknown how well DeSantis will do in that environment.

  42. Brad doesn’t want to acknowledge that fact, Rich.
    Hell, I know you may disagree, but I think if Trump is indicted that will cement the Primary and DeSantis would be better off staying out of the race.
    Of course like you said earlier, a lot of other things can happen and that may be what DeSantis is thinking.

    Thing is, you & I will vote for the nominee, whereas Brad will be too but hurt and stay home.

  43. joe6 “it’s unknown how DeSantis will do in that environment.”
    EXACTLY what I mean.
    “UNKNOWN”??? WUT?
    Have you been living under a rock?
    It’s definitely KNOWN how he will do.
    Damn KNOWN!

    For years now DeSantis has been under attack by the MSM, the Dems, Disney, Teachers Unions, Transfaggots, Drag Queens, WEF, BLM, Defund the police, and more recently Trump Inc.
    He kicks their asses and has a fantastic comms team.
    He did all this and was warned it would cost him re-election.
    He won in an historic landslide.
    Open up your eyes and you will see.

  44. Trump accomplishments. 2018, pre covid. Amazing results. Attorneys don’t get it and don’t know how it’s done.

    ht ps://

  45. Wow, Trump walked into the demilitarized zone in Korea and shook a little tyrants hand defusing a tense situation. There were no missiles fired after that, until captain Brain Dead took over. But a Soros DA, now that’s some scary shit.

  46. This is being reported:
    “Trump told advisers he wants to be handcuffed and do a perp walk should he be indicted in Stormy Daniels hush money case — saying he doesn’t care if he gets shot, because he will be a martyr.”

    I don’t believe he said this, especially being cuffed.
    Why would he? That is what THEY want.

  47. You guys still aren’t talking policy. And there’s probably a couple reasons for that. But coming from my little world that’s all I care about and the ability to make effective change that going to restore our country to what is was before the Nazis took over. I know Trump can do that. He already has. That’s why they’re scared of him. I don’t care how impolite he is or who he pisses off. I want a pit bull that’s going to take a chunk out of the deep states ass. And I don’t trust DeSantis. Trumps a change agent. Odds are no one else running is. Period end of story.

  48. Rich

    “President Trump will implement a 4-year national reshoring plan so that the United States no longer needs to rely on China for essential medical and national security goods, and ban Chinese ownership of all critical infrastructure in the United States. We will bring back our supply chains, and build America into the manufacturing superpower of the world.”

    That’s a policy. A clear definition and time line with stated goals. What you a Loco have been “Talking about” isn’t even a process. It’s barely news.

  49. “You guys still aren’t talking policy”

    Yes we have, you just haven’t bothered to read the comments posted.

    Trump has a number of pronouncements over the last 6 months about policy, every one of them I’ve approved of. Clearly, we are in agreement with his policies so why in the hell do you keep bringing them up?

  50. Brad, Trump paid hush money to Karen McDougall as well, is it your belief that he did not bang her as well? Of the 26 women, so far, it have accused Trump of sexual misconduct, do you think any of those are valid? Is it your belief that Trump has been a faithful husband to his wife and has never strayed?

  51. “Yes we have, you just haven’t bothered to read the comments posted.”

    That would be tough to do Rich, the man has no defined policy I can find anywhere. Policy is not what he did last week. Even that Indian guy running for President has defined policies. As a voter I want to see it.

  52. Just last week we discussed Tucker Carlson sending all of the candidates a questionnaire on Ukraine, do you watch tuckers show? DeSantis had one of the saner approaches to the war, and I agreed with him 100%, isn’t that a policy?

  53. And Trump’s got a good point, De Santis is breaking current election laws.
    Duty calls. Later.
    Rich, open that link I’ve posted several times about Agenda 47. That’s what policy looks like.

  54. If you have been paying attention you would know what his policies are concerning border security, taxes, CRT, school accountability, and election integrity. Those are all policies that he supports so that should help give an indication of how he will govern.


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