Dice: Facebook won’t reveal reasons for banning users because it will aid people in avoiding banning

How do you like that logic? They are telling you straight out that they WANT TO BAN YOU!

They do not want the atmosphere they pretend to want if it’s going to include rightwing ideology.

10 Comments on Dice: Facebook won’t reveal reasons for banning users because it will aid people in avoiding banning

  1. …they don’t want to write it down because they don’t want it to be anything but arbitrary and capricious. No Alinsky playbook “Make Your Enemy Live By His Own Rules” can be used against THEM, that way…

    Bear in mind that this is how Democrats GOVERN, too.

    By Feelz.

    …if you think following unwritten RULES is hard, just wait until President “Michelle” starts enforcing unwritten LAWS…

  2. People should just quit using Facebook.

    The world used to get along just fine without it and it will get along just fine again when it is gone.

  3. If they make a book of rules, they will be forced to live up to it. They know their Alinsky Rules, and they know we do, too.

  4. They don’t want to identify the reasons for banning, not because people will avoid banning by not engaging in banable behavior.

    It’s because people will continue their behavior by circumventing the controls. Which is the very problem, control.

    In other words, which is precisely the problem. For example, saying I hate democrats is an easily identifiable no-no on Fakebook. However, saying I hate shitheads is not so cut and dry, until the language catches up where democrat = shithead.

  5. yea yea. I’ll just continue to have nothing at all to do with facebook.
    I mean, it’s a silly platform for teenagers with too much time on their hands. why adults got involved with it is something I’ll never understand.

  6. Here’s the reason you got a 30 day ban for a perfectly reasonable post: it offended some purple-haired, ring-thru-the-eyebrow, 300 lbs, degenerate, tranny lesbian asswipe at the FB “community standards” division.

  7. Silly Me! I always thought that defining the rules helped people to FOLLOW them! But I guess if there are people they need to BAM then they do not Want those people following the rules!


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