Dice: Hillary, as crazy as ever

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  1. The plan was to take Chicago machine politics national and have permanent democrat hegemony. They were so positive their plan would work they went insane when Trump won.

  2. Since “Tailgunner” is already taken…..How’s about

    “Tailchaser Hillary”?

    Feel free to pile on this Pig!!!!!

  3. Did you know that she describes herself as “hair icon” on her twitter page? How much you wanna bet that volume is the result of weaves and product?

  4. The bullet we dodged, thanks to Trump, was the size of the moon.

    The alternative to this evil witch was Jeb! Bush, which was a slower death, but death nonetheless.

  5. To me, the real questions are WHY and why NOW would Hillary come out with something this outlandish.

    Is this an attempt to poison any attempt for Gabbard to make a run as a 3rd party candidate, who would siphon votes from the D candidate?

    Is this an attempt to create an entry point for Hillary to do another run to be the D nominee since all the other people are imploding?

    Will Hillary make a last minute entry into the D party’s run and suddenly have a reconciliation with Gabbard….to make Gabbard the VP candidate to bring in the veteran/female/independent votes?

    Just saying…….this has the smell of 4 day old dead skunk in the hot SC August sun.

  6. Abigail Adams: Hair Icon! Yeah I saw that. But she’s slipping. One close-up recently showed wisps of-shudder!-Gray. Oh Noes! Plus she REALLY needs to shampoo more often. Ugh.


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