Did CNN Actually alter the Oregon Shooter’s Image?


 The Conservative Treehouse is reporting that CNN altered the profile picture of the half-black shooter to make him look more caucasian,

Many outlets have picked up the story, but I can’t find the original CNN story where they published this picture.

Does anyone have the link?

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  1. So CNN, what is the “nose balance” filter called? His nostrils are half the size in the “white” photo. Same for his lips.

  2. Fur, no link at either site.
    You can always email sundance; you’re certain to get a response.

    Please note sundance only said CNN used the photo in numerous reports, not that CNN had actually done the altering. Of particular interest is that it was Jim Hoft/Gateway Pundit who made the detailed observations that the nose and lips were altered, not just the skin tone.

    Maybe he’s worth contacting, too.

  3. I think I saw that picture as this story was developing and it would have been at Breitbart. I didn’t have the time when this was going on to have looked much beyond that, but I am pretty sure I saw that picture.

  4. that is just …………..NASTY!!! ……..ughhhhhhhh…..brrrrr
    ..I need to go take a shower now….

  5. You won’t find proof of its use on CNN because there is none. This has clearly been a troll op and the Conservative Tree House apparently fell for it hook, line, and sinker. A bunch of sites are making themselves look like morons right now by linking to this spurious allegation.

  6. Also, on the “lighter” image, his several moles on the left side of his face (right side of picture) are mysteriously gone !

  7. It wasn’t like in that picture. Duh. I’m not saying they ran it but like sources don’t take away moles and birthmarks. That picture was altered. By who I don’t know.

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