Did Cornell doctors violate medical standards by “clearing” students for the vax?

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A short story –

This summer, Cornell University instituted its COVID-19 vaccine mandate, giving students an August 2021 deadline to submit medical or religious exemptions. The students assumed the exemption process would be fair. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

In fact, Cornell instituted what appears to be a process of outright denying or delaying decisions on initial religious and medical exemptions – no matter the reason. Students with religious exemptions were referred to the Cornell chaplain for further discussions.

We can also confirm that students that presented valid medical exemptions were told by Cornell doctors that they were “medically cleared” to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. The Cornell doctors made this recommendation despite never seeing or treating the Cornell student, and despite not knowing in detail the student’s medical history. MORE

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  1. “How can university doctors tell a student they are “medically cleared” for a vaccine – in contravention of the recommendation of the student’s doctor – when they haven’t treated or examined or even spoke with the student?”

    The same way a guy who’s pretending to be president that has no medical background whatsoever can order medical procedures for the entire nation.

    Because Communists are lawless.

  2. “Did Cornell doctors violate medical standards by “clearing” students for the vax?”

    There are no medical standards any more if the government can rewrite the definitions of “Vaccine”, “Immunity”, “FDA Approved”, “Eligibile Transplant Patient”, and ignore the Hippocratic Oath, the Nuremberg Codes, and good medical practice, and “the medical community” just accepts it and implements it without question and with enthusiasm.

    The only difference between Fauci and Mengele at this point is that Fauci killed way more people, and is increasing his body count daily.

    With the complete compliance and submission of “The Medical Community”.

  3. I think they meant “magically cleared”. Magical Doctors have the power to declare healthy Presidents sick,and sick Presidential candidates healthy, without ever examining them. Magical Doctors have the power to change science to whatever they want in an instant. Who are we to question their powers?

  4. There are Billions and Billions of people on this planet. Most – most – but not all – don’t have COVID. People are made of star stuff. In fact, COVID is also made of star stuff. This shows what hydrogen atoms can do after Billions and Billions of years of evolution on that tiny blue dot out in the v a s t n e s s of space.

  5. Cleared by the wave of their political wand. Pull their license’s if they have any, they are clueless as to what’s in the gene therapy shots and just how it works or of the effects it may have on each student individually. This is murder if one student dies. They need life sentences without parole. BS BS BS.


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