Muslim Convert Responsible for Bow and Arrow Killings Described as “Danish National” by Media

Summit News: After a Muslim convert on a radicalization watchlist killed five people during a bow and arrow rampage in Oslo, media outlets and Twitter reacted by describing the perpetrator as a “Danish national.”

Hmm, they appear to have left something out there.

Four women and one man were left dead after the attack, while an off-duty police officer and another person were wounded.

According to police chief Ole Bredrup Saeverud, the 37-year-old culprit had converted to Islam and “There were concerns over radicalisation.”

Reuters reported the story with the headline “Danish man suspected of killing five in bow-and-arrow attack in Norway.” more here

17 Comments on Muslim Convert Responsible for Bow and Arrow Killings Described as “Danish National” by Media

  1. I wonder if he had vaxx on those arrows?

    That gives me an idea.

    Wait, what was my idea?

    Oh yeah. Children. Time to rape one.

    Fauch, look into this arrow thing.

    Sniffy time for me!

  2. Larry, the general rule is “don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes” – unless you’re a really good shot – and have a proper target.

  3. “Danish National”…probably immigrated to Denmark from Mideast, Yugoland or one of the Stans. The fact they won’t give his name is suspicious. I bet it’s closer to Ahmed than Olaf. And I really don’t trust this “convert” narrative, either.

  4. Brad,

    Recurves are faster to shoot and we know how Demos feel about that.
    As well, many people can make them from Wood & Gut when the world resorts to hunger games living.

  5. Larry’s Brother

    Best to wait until the Deer is looking away. Less chance they see the archer flinch and string/bow move, and less chance they “jump the string” since hearing is quite directional.

  6. “Best to wait until the Deer is looking away.”

    Yea, specially out west. Black Tails and Muleys have made an art form out jumping the string.

  7. Asshole`name is:

    Espen Andersen Brathen

    He looks a fair bit like CNN reporter `Little Brian Stelter`

  8. Get used to it. When the recent muslim imports have been here awhile, and begin their “mischief”, they will be called “home grown terrorists”.


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