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Looney Clooney


The Los Angeles street artist known as Sabo has targeted George Clooney and his wife Amal ahead of their pricey Hollywood fundraiser for President Joe Biden set for Saturday. More

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  1. Why is anyone listening? Acting is far from rocket science, yet it produces the most drug-addled, arrogant morons on the planet.

    LOLOLOL, go Sabo! Great work!

  2. This is the norm? Tear down the naysayers, everyone of em. This is the modus operandi of deranged kool-aid drinkers who support da Con-ald one. Fallen off da cliff for Satin/aka Satan worshippers.
    He’s correct & their anointed perfect 666 one to send America to the next chapter of the New Dark Ages. Hate & anger, this is their norm.

  3. Brought to you by Friends of Epstein, you forget Trump. Thats where he meet Melania, while she was twerkin for a dime. Yep his one time bestest bud, Jeffrey Epstein brought them together.

  4. “You will always know who the up-coming tyrants are (or will be). These are those people who have finally gotten all the money they can steal — because no one can WORK 40-phours a lifetime can make — and finally they come to the conclusion that that is not enough. NOW! they need to CONTROL Mankind! It’s the only way to their satisfaction to convince themselves that they are better than every body else, and fittingly, deserve this.”

    We are coming for you!

  5. Clooney made his fortune because of competitive free market capitalism yet he supports everyone and everything communist? He has no idea why Hollywood and the MSM are dying.


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