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Did Somebody Say “Free Bird”?

Actually, listen to this.

This parrot is not only largely in tune, he changes keys for the bridge.

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  1. These were definitely more soothy than “Don’t Fear the Reaper”. Much better all around, actually. Dude and his parrot are probably a hit at all the parties.

  2. I’m starting to want one.

    Then again… I had a parrot when I was a kid. His name was Packley. He hated my father, nearly bit his finger off. Shit all over everything when he was out of his cage. And screamed bloody murder at the top of his lungs every time the phone rang.

    So… maybe not.

  3. I was working graveyard shift and a friend asked me to stay at her condo and take care of her African Gray parrot while she went on vacation. That bird was SO good at mimicking the telephone ringing, the answering machine picking up and a message being left, waking me out of my daytime sleep. Thinking it was the court liaison calling me to go to court, I answered…no one there. That bird then laughed. He did a good imitation of my friend’s laugh as well as her boyfriend’s! I really think he was doing it on purpose. Seemed really smart.

  4. I worked for a pediatrician that had a bird just like the one in this story. She would yell “pay your bill” at all the departing parents and imitate a crying baby plus fling her food everywhere.

    In the first video I was distracted because his beak looked like a monkey face.

  5. I love parrots, they are very entertaining.
    I used to go to an art supply store that had a Myna bird out front
    that talked constantly. I was walking in the store one day when he said “Hi, I’m Leonardo da Vinci and I’m a Man Eater!
    Everyone tried to get him to say funny things so you never knew
    what he would say next.

  6. My daughter got a cockatiel when she turned 11….I think she had visions of a fun pal like this parrot. We kept that f’ng bird until daughter’s third year of college and I finally broached the subject of re-homing which thankfully went well. Living with that bird was awful…she was only loud, not chatty or mimic-y. Messy, demanding, horrible pet. My husband was actually looking up ways to slyly off that bird because he was so tired of her. Never get a cockatiel for your 11 yo daughter!

    PS, we are pet people. Puppies/ Dogs, cats, tropical fish, lizards, tarantulas, chickens, goats. That bird was the only pet we regretted.

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