Did Someone Flip On Biden? – IOTW Report

Did Someone Flip On Biden?

Dan Bongino’s on the case.

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  2. I don’t hate Dan but I just can’t take 57 minutes of his bloviated speculation. After all “at this point what difference does it make?” (to quote hitlery)….. and as with hitlery, NO heads will roll, no one will be marched to the gallows for treason and there will be no accountability for the crimes committed….. until patriots take up the hemp!

  3. Anonymous January 21, 2023 at 4:45 am

    Maybe Hunter did.

    It’s been all about Humper from the beginning. Humper sabotaged his sperm donor from the beginning. Irresponsible (or was it) to leave 2 lap tops with a Republican computer repair guy. Biden has been protected long enough and it’s time for him to go. Democrats will get rid of Biden before the real investigation starts. What will the investigation lead to? Everyone will live happily ever after.

  4. I try to listen to Dan but can only make it through a few minutes. First of all, I don’t know WHY he has to have that “producer” of his constantly interrupting with stupid comments. Second, I get sick of emotionally speculative delivery. God, I miss Rush.

  5. My opinion;
    Nobody “flipped” on Biden. He has proven himself to be a moron (like there was ever any doubt). Our invisible “leaders (controllers)” underestimated “Joe’s ability to screw things up” and can’t cover his narcissistic stupidity without burning tremendous quantities of political equity so they are “assisting” his demise.

  6. Dan Bongino’s insight as a former Secret Service insider and Investigator opens doors I had not been aware of. His ability to cut through the BS propaganda of the main stream media and pinpoint perspectives of other “real” Journalists that support his efforts and encouragement to stay focused on the Key Issues of legality versus falling into the trap of unending distractions thrown by the administration and complicit news media.
    But hey, that’s my unsolicited opinion (like all my opinions).

  7. This was all planned before they chose the mental invalid to run against Trump. They meant to get rid of Biden after his first two years in order to install the VP. Then, that person would sail into the first election with ease (fraud) and have four years, then be ‘re-elected’ for another four years, equaling one decade in power (12 years including Biden).

    Funny thing on the way to their ‘victory’ … they didn’t expect their VP pick to be so vapid that they would want to get rid of her, too. My thought – Harris will befall some type of issue just months after she is installed after Biden is removed. They will do a ‘better’ job of picking a replacement for Harris in order to have a solid chance of their 10-year (12-year) plan to succeed. I question what I said (‘better’ job) because it doesn’t matter who they choose just as long as they follow instructions.

  8. Don’t trust him, never listen anyway. And like Brown Eyed Gal, man I miss Rush.

    I had a few problems with Rush that would occasionally cause me to boycott but the battle field since he’s been gone just ain’t nearly the same. Him I trusted, despite any differences, 100%.

    Kind of like Andrew. 2 of the most solid solids. James O’Keeffe is another.


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