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Facebook Files: Meta gave the CDC de facto power to police Covid “misinfo”

Reclaim the Net: The mask is slipping (pun fully intended), all over the place – regarding the Big Tech/Big Government collusion. Now it’s time to pay close attention to the role played by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

We’ve already been awed – just by the magnitude of the whole thing – if not exactly “shocked” by the Twitter Files.

After all, while it was happening, a whole lot of observers surmised that something of the sort had to be behind the unprecedented and, seemingly inexplicable levels of censorship on the platform.

But – what in the world was happening at Facebook, around the same time? After all, Facebook is an almost orders of magnitude bigger and more influential social network than Twitter.

For the time being, we don’t have the same “direct line” to internal documents as is the case with Twitter, which was made possible by the dedication to transparency by the new owner himself.

However, what could be dubbed as the “Facebook Files” are based on credible sources, too – Reason is coming out with a story based on confidential emails that emerged thanks to a court case – the state of Missouri suing the Biden administration. more

8 Comments on Facebook Files: Meta gave the CDC de facto power to police Covid “misinfo”

  1. Facebook sure isn’t alone here. All forms of media and medical, medical, business, religious and the list goes on were all Covids greatest cheerleaders to encourage vaxxing. This whole damn worlds out of order.

  2. judgeroybean
    JANUARY 21, 2023 AT 8:20 AM
    “Nuernberg Trial 11 should be held right smack dab in the front of the CDC’s Headquarters. Well, the punishment anyway.”

    …only if they have at least 9 foot ceilings.

    Because you want them at least 3 feet off the floor.

  3. Try to find some morbid humor in all of this. Crosby who just bit the dust at the age of 81, 3 heart attacks, 2 liver transplants, Type 2 diabetes, jabbed up and he died from covid. Joe Rogan is still on the air and Crosby seized breathing it. (Crosby was one of them that wanted Rogan gone). Nothing will be done about this, too many powerful rich men who made millions off of Operation Warp Speed. Even the name the jab was given is scary. Start at the ring leader…..

  4. Once Twitter was compromised the rest were push-overs.
    Aaaaaannnnd so far as Crosby is concerned, wanting someone off the scene is typical Liberal hyperbole since they don’t have the right or a cogent argument for silencing someone!

  5. PINTEREST, the supposed “idea sharing” site is also being policed and monitored by reprobates. Numerous photos of child exploitation and nudity, bogus health info and scams, financial scamming and many illegal activities hidden behind “ideas’.

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