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Died Suddenly

This is a critical presentation regarding the China Flu “Vaccine”. It is quite obviously presenting an emotional narrative, from one side of the controversy, about this treatment, but I find it compelling. We rejected this “vaccine” from the start for many reasons described in my attached document, “Why We Won’t Be Taking the Jab”, from June 2021.

I was on the fence or hesitant to believe that the release of the China Flu was intentional and that the “vaccine’s” harm and its inefficacy was due to its rush to implementation. I no longer have these exonerating views. Those wealthy elites, who know better than us what the future course of mankind should be, created the China Flu and spread it intentionally. And, they are in league with those who created and delivered the “vaccine”. They are committing a mass genocide on a scale never before imagined and have done it intentionally.

If, after watching, you are as alarmed as so many of us are, share this free, easily accessed movie with everybody you know . If you tell them at the gym or chatting while walking the dog, and so, cannot provide a link, tell them to use duckduckgo.com to find the movie. Google, the CCCP controlled entity, has zero results that would lead you to this movie.

If you have taken the “vaccine” and you have any unexplainable health issues, please demand a thermal scan or some other kind of MRI or sonogram. Tell your health provider that you suspect the “vaccine” and want them to look for clots and do not be satisfied with the traditional processes and treatments that were used pre-vaccine. If your doctor pooh-poohs your concerns, jettison them as fast as you would a scab-covered crack whore. Do not take any “boosters”!

That’s all. Please watch and pass along if you feel this would be helpful to loved ones and for the future of healthcare and humanity. – author unknown


ht. the wakemans

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  1. I just finished watching it. It’s a little more than an hour long, but worth every minute. Scared the shit out of me, and just reinforced my decision NOT to take this “vaccine”.

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  3. ^^^^

    The bastards will never tell us the truth so we have to read between the lines and connect the dots. That’s how we figure out what the world’s “leaders” have in store for us.

    I don’t know about it starting centuries ago, but if we look at just some of the so-called science, academic research, and popular books and magazine covers since at least the late 1960’s, we can deduce what the objective is.

    Such as the book The Population Bomb, published in 1968.

  4. Watched it last night, downloaded it and today I’ve made 11 DVD copies to give out to neighbors and friends. Spread the word!!! Save lives!!!

  5. From Infowars:

    “Top Virologist Who Voted For COVID Vaccine Emergency Use Authorization DIES SUDDENLY”

    “Dr. A. Oveta Fuller, 67, associate professor of microbiology at University of Michigan, died from an unknown illness ‘unrelated to COVID’ Friday.”

    Maybe unrelated to covid, but maybe related to covid vaccine?


    There are those who pushed the jab while aware that it was a deadly scam. And then there are those who pushed the jab who were true believers.

  6. When the jab was first introduced (around late 19) I said to myself “I’m not going to get that jab. They are going to find out that it is no good and I am never going to take it.” That was my common sense talking.

    A Dr. I know told me he NEVER prescribes anything until it has been proven good for at least one year. That was his common sense talking.

    Other people I respect, who I thought had an abundance of common sense, didn’t have enough.

    What kind of government would take part in this?

  7. And I think the gaslighting by the CDC “we didn’t say don’t use ivermectin” is just a head fake. Get the public focused on a little drop of misinformation bullshit so they don’t notice the flood of incoming data and evidense about what just happened.

  8. Something I noticed . . .
    Did You?

    Creepy, Creepy, Creepy

    Just seeing all those droppers on video from all over was not pleasant.

    Did you notice that most just keeled, but a handful did something truly bizarre.

    They all looked upto the Sky and Spun 3 times with one hand upstreched before collapsing. Like they were communicating.

    Chilling Documentary

  9. The company I work for is still sending out monthly emails urging people to get the shot. I cringe every time I see the email pop up. I work for a good company, but the top brass don’t follow news at all, or if they do it is strictly MSM. My immediate boss (1 30 something granddaughter of the founder) has two small children, and the minute the jab was available for kids she was first in line.

  10. People who need to watch it are the die-hard vaxxers, and even then it wouldn’t phase them. I’ve made several enemies from a few acquaintances over thew jab. It was in my face telling me I would never travel again without the jab card. Now I shove it back with being a pure blood. I spent hours emailing articles, every death that was suspicious I didn’t let it go. I no longer have to warn anyone. A voice from Heaven told me to stay away from Operation Warp Speed…..and I did as God said. I’m grateful for the few that listened.

  11. “The vaccine was not brought in for COVID. COVID was brought in for the vaccine. Once you realize that, everything else makes sense.” ~ Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

    I agree.

  12. pedo-politicians & fake scientists **knowingly** pushing for the kill shot also accumulated a ton of money from the “proceeds”

    when does Nuremberg 2.0 begin?

  13. So as noted there were two primary sites with the movie, You Tube being one of them.

    Noted over at Burning Platform they had to change and use a different site with this above it…

    “Youtube/Google did their usual censorship of the truth schtick by pulling down the video because too many people were seeing the truth about their death jabs. There are now other options, like the Bitchute version I replaced your banned video with. Yippee Ki Yay, motherfuckers.”

    Click the You Tube link and you find the account has been canceled.
    I’m shocked, just shocked!

    Wife informs me that there was a line at the local Jewel yesterday for those lined up to get the booster!

    The sheeple will not be confused by facts when presented.

  14. I would love to see someone kidnap mouse man Faucci and tie him up in a public square and give him 20 injections of the vaccine as I am betting his was water as was Biden’s and Kamalamadingdong and all the others….forcefully put that shit in his veins and watch him beg for mercy….

  15. I believe it was Sam Kinison who once said “I hope you die (slowly) while tasting your own blood!” Or something like that.

    Could any of us think this appropriate for anyone that might come to mind?

  16. Interesting; but, butt, why the FUCK hasn’t Dr. Ryan Cole, (supposed clinical pathologist,) who WAS IN THE FILM, figured out AND REPORTED ON the nature of the calamari clots?


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