“Died Suddenly”- Air Force offensive Lineman Hunter Brown Dead at 21 After Experiencing a ‘Medical Emergency’ – IOTW Report

“Died Suddenly”- Air Force offensive Lineman Hunter Brown Dead at 21 After Experiencing a ‘Medical Emergency’


A cadet at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, died after suffering a sudden medical emergency while he was heading to class Monday, the service academy announced.

Cadet 3rd Class Hunter Brown of Lake Charles, Louisiana, died after he “experienced a medical emergency while leaving his dormitory for class,” according to a Tuesday evening news release from the academy. The sophomore was 21 years old.


  • The Cadet 3rd Class was from Lake Charles, Louisiana, and played in games against Northern Iowa and Nevada during the 2022 season
  • Investigation has been launched into ‘on-base death involving military member’
  • Coach paid tribute to Brown, who was ‘tough’ and ‘a great worker’

Academy first responders were called and attempted life-saving measures, according to the school. Officials with the Air Force office of special investigations, along with the El Paso County sheriff´s office, secured the area and are conducting an investigation.

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  1. We, the public, those of whom were coerced into getting the vaxx, need to demand to know if these “sudden-death playoff” athletes were vaxxed.
    I’ve got a c-note says they are.
    Plan accordingly.

  2. I hate to write this: The CCP has won the first major battle against anti-communists and the West.

    They’ve successfully poisoned our military from top to bottom; first from within, through ideology, and physically, with a forced bio-weapon. They’ve assured an already-plummeting fertility rate in the West will be further destroyed by their bio-weapon. It will take more than a generation to rebuild fighting forces strong and numerous enough to fight them. Fight them, that is, if we have enough qualified people — even at that time — for service, and not a despoiled, woke generation of people who will gladly fall in line with communism and fascism.

    Just read “Dr. Sellin Releases Primer for the House Select Committee on China: PART 1 – The Laboratory Origin of COVID-19” at TGP this morning. It’s a long read, but worth every minute of our time. He not only covers the chronology of the coverup, he takes us back in time to the Carter years and where the CCP/PLA got its greatest toehold in American universities and research labs. He also goes back to the Japanese occupation of Section 731, a place where the PLA, after taking it back from Japan, continued their covert bio-weapons work under the guise of veterinary and agricultural research.

  3. Nope.

    Not going through all this again today.

    Except to say that my company, which is just starting a new contract against a backdrop of a huge capital expenditure and doesn’t want to spend money right now on anything, nevertheless splurged on a $3,000 AED to complement the four they already have in three different buildings, to decrease response time in a final assembly area.

    Not sure why, of all things, they decided to purchase a non-ROI producing item like this.

    Except maybe because we have a mostly young, mostly vaxxed work force.

    And the fact we’ve had to deploy every one of those existing AEDs on young members of that work force at one time or another.

    Because, suddenly.

    This is not normal.

  4. That very small man, Tony Fauci, needs to be criminally prosecuted and imprisoned or be put to death for his part in the destruction of the lives and livelihoods of every single person touched by this lab-built bio-weapon.

  5. Fentanyl is more likely the killer. It’s in everything these days. Kids think their Superman & it won’t happen to them when they take drugs. The vax vs Fentanyl. Not even close. Fentanyl kills more.

  6. @FIFY – Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. Who is to say that a sudden, humane death would be preferable to him.

    When I wrote “criminal prosecution”, I underscore that. He needs to face a jury in the presence of overwhelming and easily found evidence of his crimes against humanity. Not a “probe” by an ineffectual congressional body, who has no power to prosecute. No plea deals or bargains; no back-door glad-handing with political bodyguards. Straight up charges of homicide, nay, genocide.

    Put him in a jail cell for the rest of his pathetic life and force him to triple mask for the duration. And when his blood oxygen levels drop below 97, force intubate him, and allow no family visitors beyond the plexiglas making a six foot perimeter to his cell. And make him disinfect his entire cell on the hour, every hour, with 4″ paper wipes.

  7. Anonymous
    JANUARY 11, 2023 AT 1:40 PM
    “Fentanyl is more likely the killer. It’s in everything these days. Kids think their Superman & it won’t happen to them when they take drugs. The vax vs Fentanyl. Not even close. Fentanyl kills more.”

    I’ve had two kids go out on me, both of my own AED deployments in my current situation. One was Fentanyl, the other had no HX but recent jab.

    I was able to get the Fentanyl kid back. CPR and Narcan at least gives you a CHANCE.

    The Jab kid was unreachable. And it wasn’t for lack of trying, here, the life squad, and the hospital.

    I could give you many more drug addict stories, unfortunately, from when I was a medic, people I knew personally’s friends and families, and people I talk to who are active on squads and hospitals. No, can’t save them all, Fentanyl is a killer, it killed a dear friend’s son who’s casket I helped carry to lay beside his 3 day grandson’s grave while his 10 year old grandson who discovered the corpse wept. Fentanyl is fucking ugly, make no mistake, it kills often unawares and destroys lives everywhere, and I would cheerfully kill a Fentanyl dealer.

    But the difference is, you do have a chance.

    I can breathe you through respiratory depression from Fentanyl, sometimes. I can narc you back from the edge of the Styx. Many people can now, with Narcan much more available.

    But I’m not going to breathe you through a blood clot in your coronary arteries, in your brain, out of myocarditis, or reverse a pleural or pericardial effusion.

    Even the hospital is unlikely to be able to do so.

    I don’t recommend either one.

    But given that the Jab is MUCH harder to reverse, stikes with little to no warning, and is FAR more ubiquitous even in populations 5-12 that don’t typically get exposed and certainly don’t knowingly take Fentanyl, I’d say the WORSE killer is the one our own GOVERNMENT conned it’s own CITIZENS into BEGGING to be injected with it.

    …tough to quantify, tho.

    Few lie about Fentanyl deaths.

    While Jab deaths are censored, canceled, covered up at the highest levels.

    But spend some time trying to breathe kids back to life, and let me know which demon YOU’D rather be facing.

  8. @Goldenfoxx — I appreciate your hatred for Trump for his part in trying to respond to this man-made disaster. However, I have to finally say something about your ill will towards him.

    Please correct me if I am wrong about this.

    Trump never made it a gov’t policy that anyone was required to take the “vaccines”. He said that was up to each individual and their doctor.

    Under his administration, he was already lifting bans of all types and the economy was beginning to rebound under his plans for returning things to normal.

    Mike Pence was the head of the WH’s representation of the covid response team.

    The most severe lockdowns, vaccine enforcement (including all the suppression of vaers and hype about covid variants), and economic devastation occurred after the 2018 GE, under the Democrat-run gov’t.

    I know there’s more to say about this, but I just looked at the time and I’ve got to go for now.

  9. Trump took the jabs & all the boosters, he & billions of other people (who got all the shots) are just fine. A new strain is coming good luck takin ivermectin your gonna need it.

    Groucho, You are not welcome here any longer.

  10. A friend who has been digging into data as much as he can since these things came out was telling me just using numbers he can find publicly across states that the first year 1/1000 were dying, last year that number went up 2/1000.
    I heard Steve Kirsch today and he was quoting similar numbers.

    Nobody can ever get exact numbers because they don’t want you to have exact numbers, they want you to look the other way and just pretend now even kids as young as 5 years old are just dying suddenly or having heart attacks and it’s normal.
    Doctors are scared to even speak the truth because they know they will come after their license. I have serious doubts that we will ever get the real truth.
    I always go back to the animal trials that they tried for years with mRna and all the animals died.
    Now we have governments all across the world that refuse to tell the truth, refused to even warn people when they started getting the data what they were doing. They’re all fine with they experimented on their citizens.

  11. Groucho since this was one big experiment we have no idea what Trump got, what we do know if you got the real thing you’re living on borrowed time.

    Not to mention some of us can thing for ourselves and don’t let people inject us with something just because Trump or anyone says it’s safe.

  12. AA, not to speak for Goldenfoxx, but some of us were saying we didn’t need to be fast tracking any vaccine, but my problem with Trump and covid is he should have known better than to put Pence in charge and he should have never allowed Fauci or Birx on the task force. He should never had attacked the Georgia governor for opening his state back up.
    All of that though is one thing, when he won’t quit taking credit for the death jab and calling it great and safe and effective when it’s killing people I draw the line.
    I have a right imo to be furious when he or anyone says that, it killed my family members, most importantly it killed my Mother. Anyone who tells me it’s safe is lying and it’s personal to me.

    I wrote him once after an interview when he was saying that and told him by name all of the people in my family and friends who had died thanks to that poison and told him it wasn’t safe to them. That every time he says it it’s like a slap in the face when I know just how unsafe it is.

    I of course have no way of knowing if he read what I wrote or if anyone read what I wrote, but I do know he didn’t stop saying it.
    I also know people who took it because Trump took it and said it was safe and effective.

  13. @AbigailAdams: First off I don’t hate Trump. Am I pissed at him? Yes. I voted for him twice, I supported his campaign financially, I was all in until covid. I even forgave him for giving in and signing the budget that he said he would never do.

    Maybe Trump knew way ahead of time that the jab could turn sour and it did. He was smart to give it to Pence to accept all the blame. Except, Pence’s name hasn’t been associated with the jab. Matters not that he didn’t mandate it, he was pushing it far and wide. Then he laughed and said the liberals were first in line and they’ll be the first to die.

    Timeline of Trump’s Coronavirus Responses

    May 2018 The Trump Administration disbands the White House pandemic response team.

    July 2019 The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) epidemiologist embedded in China’s disease control agency left the post, and the Trump Administration eliminated the role.

    Oct. 2019 “Currently, there are insufficient funding sources designated for the federal government to use in response to a severe influenza pandemic.”

    Jan. 22, 2020 “We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China. It’s going to be just fine.”

    Jan. 24, 2020 Trump praises China’s handling of the coronavirus: “China has been working very hard to contain the Coronavirus. The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will all work out well. In particular, on behalf of the American People, I want to thank President Xi!”

    Jan. 28, 2020 “This will be the biggest national security threat you face in your presidency…This is going to be the roughest thing you face” Trump’s National Security Advisor to Trump

    Jan. 30, 2020 “The lack of immune protection or an existing cure or vaccine would leave Americans defenseless in the case of a full-blown coronavirus outbreak on US soil,…This lack of protection elevates the risk of the coronavirus evolving into a full-blown pandemic, imperiling the lives of millions of Americans.” [Memo from Trump Trade Advisor Peter Navarro]

    Feb. 2, 2020 “We pretty much shut it down coming in from China.”

    Feb. 7, 2020 “It’s also more deadly than even your strenuous flu… This is deadly stuff” [Trump in a private interview with Bob Woodward from The Washington Post made public on Sept. 9, 2020]

    Feb. 10, 2020 “I think the virus is going to be—it’s going to be fine.”

    Feb. 10, 2020 “Looks like by April, you know in theory when it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away.”

    Feb. 24, 2020 “The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA… the Stock Market starting to look very good to me!”

    Feb. 25, 2020 “CDC and my Administration are doing a GREAT job of handling Coronavirus.”

    Feb. 25, 2020 “I think that’s a problem that’s going to go away… They have studied it. They know very much. In fact, we’re very close to a vaccine.”

    Feb. 26, 2020 “The 15 (cases in the US) within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero.”

    Feb. 26, 2020 “We’re going very substantially down, not up.”

    Feb. 26, 2020 “Well, we’re testing everybody that we need to test. And we’re finding very little problem. Very little problem.”

    Feb. 26, 2020 “This is a flu. This is like a flu.”

    I can go on and on. DH and I agree that the best thing Trump did for America was to elect conservative judges to the bench. If I knew what I know about Trump before the election, I probably would have sat out the election. I don’t believe in gay marriage, Trump is all in for it. That says enough right there for me.

  14. Goldenfoxx, I didn’t know Trump was for gay marriage, the last I remember was in 2016 and he said he wasn’t going to ban gay marriage and his views were irrelevant because SCOTUS had already ruled.

    I can forgive a lot of things, praising this shot that kills is not one of them. There truly are people who believe everything he says and have gotten the shot because of what he said, that is unforgivable. Now as for my Mom, who I am furious at many people over, including my own sister, that wasn’t why she got it, but it’s very hard to hear someone that you voted for 4 times, 2 primaries and 2 general elections and someone who you lost friends over the first time by defending him to say something that killed your own Mom is safe, effective, great and nobody else could have gotten the vaccine through.

    I’m upset about other family members as well who are gone because of the shot as well as friends and neighbors that are gone and others who have had their lives drastically changed due to the jab. My Mom though my anger continues to grow over my Mom because even my own family members told me I was crazy and that I supported Trump and he made it possible. Now it’s to a point where people can try to deny it, but it’s slapping them in the face that it’s killing people, proving me correct. I don’t know how much longer I would have had with my Mom, but at least if not for this poison I could have celebrated her birthday at least one more time. I could have taken her out for a few days and away from the nursing home one more time. Instead I went an entire year not being able to see her other than through a glass door and was never able to really hug her again because she was bedridden and could barely move her arms.

    Trump needs to admit they’re not safe and apologize. I don’t care who he blames, just admit you were wrong to believe people and say they were safe and apologize for lost family members.

    Another thing I do not vote for anyone who supports abortion and attacking pro-life was very very wrong. That is Trump’s greatest accomplishment appointing Justices who finally overturned Roe V Wade where at least babies in the state I live in can be born.


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