Different Kind of Reader Survey – IOTW Report

Different Kind of Reader Survey

For those who have a music streaming service, like Spotify and such- What are the last 5 songs you added?

Bonus question:

For those of you who use YouTube or Rumble – What are the top 3 videos recommended for you?

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  1. I have a 48 hour playlist on a thumb drive. I was a DJ at my college radio station 43 years ago. It is all 60’s rock, heavy 70’s, and early 80’s rock and roll that leans towards to heavy-metal and southern rock.

  2. Amazon Prime Music is what we stream. The last thing I added was David Allan Coe. My playlists are lots of country like Alan Jackson and going back to Hank Sr. I am listening to 80s rock lately as I wasn’t tuned in when it was current. An old friend I email with recommends YouTubes from time to time. Most recent was Glenn Campbell, Gentle on my Mind, live with Roy Clark waiting to jump in, and Galveston with the South Dakota Orchestra. I also added a guy named Tyler Childers most recently. A band at The Bowery in Myrtle Beach called The Bounty Hunters did one of his songs, “Nose to the Grindstone” and I liked it.

  3. Mine is a bit out there and all over the place.

    Kula Shaker- Hey Dude
    Badfinger- Name of the Game
    Tarkio- Keeping Me Awake
    Philip Aaberg- Chopin: Prelude in E Minor Op.28, No.4
    Cairo- South Side of the Sky

  4. It’s been a couple years since I added anything to my Spotify playlist. It’s already like 12 hours long…
    YouTube recommendations?
    Funny video compilation, classic car video and some small band concert.

  5. duh … misinterpreted the thread ….

    last tunes I pulled off UGoob:

    Straight Aces – ‘Rock Around w/ Ollie Vee’
    Fendertones – ‘Do You Wanna Dance?’
    Doc Watson – ‘Deep River Blues’

  6. We bought a new Honda earlier this year and we drove it off the lot. We pushed and turned every button and knob trying to get Sirius XM radio. Called the salesman and yep no Sirius receiver in the car. Got the Spotify app for $8/month which is way cheaper than Sirius and no commercials.

    We listen to Christian music from hymns to Jesus people music to a few new groups.

    My wife found and will not turn off two songs sung by Ed Sheeran: “Perfect” and “Supermarket Flowers”. The second one makes her cry.

  7. I don’t stream much music besides YouTube, but I do purchase hi-def music from HD Tracks. Aja by Steely Dan was just released in hi-def 192kHz/24 bit, it’s one of my favorites so I downloaded it.

  8. Motorhead -its only rock n roll
    probot- shake your blood
    the Dickies – Manny Moe and Jack
    Alice Cooper -road
    billy idol- cage

    all on Pandora for free. been using Pandora free since 2006.

  9. On Spotify:
    Closer to You- The Mighty Lemon Drops
    The Girl That Waves at Trains- The Lilac Time
    Years Later -Cactus World News
    Burst- The Darling Buds
    Give Me Some Time- The Big Dish

    (On YouTube I can’t be of much help. Currently my suggested videos consist hairstyles and make up tricks for women over 50! 🫤)

    I watch occasionally
    Hair Buddha (hairstylist comments on dumb people doing stupid stuff to their hair, sometimes it turns out okay though)
    SB Mowing (guy cleans up overgrown yards) there is one in Australia too.
    LandonTalksTooMuch (soft spoken southern guy talking about the South)

  10. Not sure, may be off topic….

    Bought a new vehicle in ’06, came with one year free ‘Sirius’ radio.

    Never paid a dime yet to this day I still get free ‘Sirius’ radio.

  11. Johnny Winter – Be Careful With a Fool
    Gaynor Brunson – Forgotten City
    Chet Atkins Mark Knopfler-Poor Boy Blues
    Steve Earle- Sometimes She Forgets
    Western Centuries- Sarah and Charlie

  12. The Derek Trucks Band – Already Free

    But lately I’m looking for escape into excellent players from vintage and not too long ago…

    We Three Trio – mellow fireside jazz

    Oh yeah. Type in –
    ‘Best Swing Dance Music’
    Forget all the troubles of the world and groove your life away. The old ribbon mics on a saxophone is like balm for the soul. Great tone.

  13. I only listen in the car. I have “free” internet built in for 36 months. Free is in quotes because it was built into the price of the car. No, I don’t want that allowed. It’s included and no opting out.

    I strictly listen to Pandora. You pick an artist and they feed you not just that artists music but related music they feel you may like.

    The Rippingtons
    Alex Bugnon
    David Benoit
    Acoustic Alchemy
    Craig Chaquico
    Russ Freeman
    Chris Botti
    Keiko Matsui
    Special EFX
    Art Pepper
    Tom Scott
    The Smooth Jazz Allstars

    I asked for music from those artist/groups above and then Pandora created some, what they call Radio’s listed below based on my listening.

    Contemporary Jazz Radio
    Cool Jazz Radio
    Smooth Jazz Instrumentals Radio
    Dinner Jazz Radio
    Smooth Jazz Radio

  14. I don’t Spotify or Pandor, prefer to collect my own tunes and make my own playlists, don’t need AI involved in my music selections. Digitized all my music years ago and master file shows it would take over 47 days to play all the songs. Hate to limit it to just the last five, but that was the request so the last 5 I’ve added to the library would be

    Fiona Boyes – Little Things – https://youtu.be/OY29Mf0E0Ms?si=gQNBqx5yXijoJ736

    The Eskimo Brothers – Sex and Cigarettes – https://youtu.be/l2xytAactRg?si=FfhAth4m22mGczCJ

    Ward Davis – Unfair Weather Friend – https://youtu.be/cXnsJjxDHD0?si=ncE9ynZvIOsYbiup

    Paul Thorn – Never Too Late To Call – https://youtu.be/2PPmvEaRPtU?si=ra8KiRd1gx-bqTEq

    Scrapomatic – Long Way Home – https://youtu.be/ENW9nFfWz3w?si=w7uzpnFzwUgpGpr8

    (I like the acoustic version more) – https://youtu.be/ZWy–2C6Zl0?si=DOvpP8TLgMHaZYgv

    Technically that’s six links but only 5 songs.

  15. last 5 songs I downloaded from music.gov

    The Odingas – Where the boys are

    Mohammed- She’s my best friend’s goat

    The Squad – FAMPP (Flies Around My Private Parts)

    Frank Biden – See me, feel me, touch me

    Bob Menendez – theme from Goldfinger (ep version)

  16. Spotify

    Chris LeDoux – The Passenger
    Hank Williams, Jr. – Move it on Over
    Dwight Yoakum – These Arms
    Dwight Yoakum – Suspicious Minds
    Dwight Yoakum – Ain’t That Lonely Yet

  17. All That You Dream-Little Feat w/Linda Ronstadt
    Whipping Post-Allman Brothers Band
    Help Me Make It Through The Night-Kris Kristofferson
    Jambalaya (On The Bayou)-Hank Williams
    The Dream-Albert Collins, Robert Cray, & Johnny Copeland

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