Disgusting: Fmr Rep Dave Jolly Implies Kyle Kashuv Is a Potential School Shooter

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No matter which side of the debate you fall on, whether Kyle Kashuv’s Harvard admission should have been rescinded or not because of using n*gg8r in social media posts when he was 16, tagging him as a potential mass murderer is disgusting.

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  1. What Harvard is concerned about is the same thing that bothers Jolly and that is that the kid doesn’t show any tendencies to become an asshole licking, shit eating cock socket

  2. Im old so i had to refresh my memory by looking the word up in the dictionary.Niggard-a stingy person,miser etc.didnt say anything about color of skin.now it may not be proper to use it because the word has been twisted over the years.So all if not most people on earth fit the bill.i had my mouth washed with soap as a kid for worse words so it taught me to pick my words carefully.oh well.you are what you are by the grace of God.😉have a great day and becareful of your words to many sensitive people walking on this planet.😥😣🤔😂😃

  3. Mr Jolly is correct. This racist and the other racist who attacked the Native American should be kept under observation.

  4. WTH? I call my wife a Nagger all the time and she just sulks and nags me some more.

    Everyone is so touchy nowadays…

  5. Negro was too difficult for foreign invaders to pronounce so the Democraps added another g dropped the o substituted an I and e and ended it with an r to help slake their mental well being while hiding in the shadows!

  6. Why is the so-called ‘N’ word worse than the ‘R’ word that the lefties scream continually and constantly in vain?

  7. So, when little Johnny, who’s trying to scamper through traffic, to get in the windowless van, whose driver has “candy”, is screamed at by the homeless guy, on the highway off ramp, that “Yo mama be so fat…”, so flusters little Johnny’s impressionable psyche, that he goes back to the curb (and, is that crying, little Johnny?), I’m supposed to throw rotten fruit at the homeless guy? Really!? That’s where Americans are at? In some United States?

  8. This young man is too good to go to ultra liberal Harvard. This school demands conformity. He mind needs to be saved from these heathen Commies. He deserves a full tuition scholarship to a school with a conservative reputation, if there is actually one? Can anyone name even one? Maybe Trump would fund Kyle’s scholarship as an award for being an outstanding American patriot?

  9. Oh please! Listen to just about ANY rap “song” and you’ll hear nigga all of the time.

    Maybe Kyle was just rappin, yo.


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