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Disturbing Indications North Korea Facing Large Scale Famine

The Telegraph

North Korea is facing a shortfall of more than 1.2 million tonnes of grains to feed a population that is already suffering from malnutrition, according to a new report, raising the spectre of another possible famine in the isolated nation. “North Korea has been identified as experiencing a food crisis, with many households experiencing undernourishment or minimal levels of nutrition,” said the South Korea state-run Korea Development Institute think tank on Thursday.”People’s basic household assets are being sold off to procure food. This is not sustainable and action needs to be taken immediately.” More

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  1. @gin blossom – my first thoughts weren’t very nice either. I thought this is an excuse for kji to extort money from democrat politicians and they will send him pallets of cash – while NK people still starve.

  2. Whoever wrote that article forgot to mention that socialism/communism is to blame..period. BTW, this is china’s problem, let them deal with the fallout of protecting the Little Dictator

  3. Not to worry, China will buy American corn & send it over the border.. Thanks American farmers said the Fat Man. He’s still printing counterfeit $100’s . China will pay us cash .

  4. China won’t buy food for NK. They will get the UN to ask Generous Joe for a handout paid by American taxpayers. Generous Joe will generously donate American grains to feed NK while reducing supplies and raising prices, except those paid to the farmers. Generous Joe will not ask for anything in return.

  5. Sure, we should feed our avowed enemy so they can continue to build and test Nuclear Weapons to destroy the US, Korea, Taiwan and Japan.
    History Repeating itself.
    That’s reasonable just like these corporations supported Hitler and the Nazis: (and others) IBM, Coca Cola, GM, Ford, Alcoa, Woolworth, Brown Brothers Harriman (and the Bush Family), Dow Chemical, Chase Manhattan Bank, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and The Associated Press Engaged in Self-Censorship and Fired its German Jewish Staff to Placate the Nazis.



  6. Oh … that’s a shame …
    Following in Cuba’s and Zimbabwe’s and Venezuela’s and China’s and Soviet Union’s, and Albania’s, and Ethiopia’s, and Rumania’s, and Nicaragua’s, and Ukraine’s, and Belorussia’s, and Azerbaijan’s, and Georgia’s, and … footsteps.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. I watched a fascinating documentary called “The Hermit Kingdom” some years ago. It showed from the inside how North Korea functions. If you can call it functioning. The chosen few get to live in relative comfort in Pyongyang while those outside of it have to make do with what they can when they can. Just what the Democrats in this country are striving to do to people like us.

  8. Seems like this is a dominate feature in Progressive Commie and Marxist governments.

    How many BLM-ers and Antifa-tikesters know how to grow their own food to survive after they burn down, or destroy, and then own all the farmland, supply and transport, when they don’t know how to do any of this.

    Same as what happened in Venezuela with oil. No one in the newly-“elected” “Guberment” knew how to do any of this to make it work.

    Easy! They just continue to steal what’s left of their country through POWER and police and military intimidation/killing until, a generation or two later, it all implodes on themselves.

  9. “But they have money to spend on weapons?”

    Their armed forces are a joke. They wouldn’t last very long. They have no reasonable air force. They have fuel problems too. They are a paper tiger.

    Actually, this is an opportunity to break through their propaganda machine and reach the people on a real level. The leaders will do anything they can to prevent that, though.

    You should check out some you tube video of defectors from N. Korea. You’ll get a better idea of how lame the rulers are over there and some kindness could go very far in toppling the regime.


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