DNC CEO Seema Nanda: I Do Not Know How to Pay for ‘Medicare for All’

Breitbart: Democratic National Committee (DNC) chief executive officer Seema Nanda admitted on Tuesday she does not know how to pay for the socialized medicine scheme known as Medicare for All, estimates of which are somewhere between $32 and $38 trillion.

Nanda, during Yahoo Finance’s “All Markets Summit: America’s Financial Future” event in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, admitted she does not know how to pay for Medicare for All despite a significant plurality of Democrats backing the single-payer plan.

The interviewer asked:

It would be very expensive, so, if this is going to be a winning issue for Democrats in 2020, how do you answer the question of how are you going to pay for this? Because there have been studies, credible studies that say it would cost three trillion dollars a year, you would have to double everybody’s taxes or maybe triple everybody’s taxes. How do you answer the cost question?

“I don’t think we’re there yet,” Nanda admitted.

The DNC chief then pivoted to attacking Republicans over their tax cut legislation, suggesting they planned to cut spending for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

“So, you know, your answer is I don’t know how we’re going to get there, but these are all big conversations that we need to be engaged in,” Nanda added.  MORE

20 Comments on DNC CEO Seema Nanda: I Do Not Know How to Pay for ‘Medicare for All’

  1. Fucking Flake.

    I have informed the Majority Leader that I will not vote to advance any of the 21 judicial nominees pending in the Judiciary Committee, or vote to confirm the 32 judges awaiting action on the floor, until the Mueller protection bill is brought to the full Senate for a vote.

  2. Cloward and Piven know… well Piven does. Cloward’s been dancing with the worms for 17 years or so. Piven wuz just part of the Worm’s first administration!

  3. The guberment can’t mail a stinking letter for 50 cents without losing money. Imagine the healthcare clusterphuck. Imagine where most of that 3 trillion a year would actually go. The graft would be horrendous.

  4. The answer is LIE! Tell people that the economic stimulus of increased spending on medical care will generate huge revenues that will dwarf the costs.

  5. The logic is:

    I don’t know how to cure cancer either but I know we need to do it.

    My only questions for the DNC are:

    1) Did you pay Hillary Clinton back for her bailout of the DNC,
    2) Does Hillary still make all decisions for the DNC as a result of that agreement?

  6. Sure you do commie.
    Just like Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot
    did it. Kill your political enemies
    real or imagined and steal their
    property. Keep doing it until there
    is nothing left for anyone except
    you “dear leaders” and then declare “victory”.

  7. Not that she doesn’t know, it’s more like she doesn’t want to say “We’ll pay for it by taxing everyone into poverty.”

  8. Ask Occasional-Cortex. When she was asked, she told them, “Umm…”
    and then changed the subject. Maybe she had Bernie do the math for her by now.

  9. They would wind up printing money. Lots of money. They would pay for it with wild inflation.

    When they say socialized medicine won’t work in individual states but it will nationally they actually mean they would pay for it by printing extravigant amounts of cash.

  10. Let’s see — $32 trillion divided by 320 million people is $100,000 per person; BUT, that is over a ten year period, so $10,000 per year. I can understand a number like $10,000. I have a harder time with $100,000, and I won’t even bother trying with $32 trillion, ($3.2 trillion per year) — except to point out that the U.S. national government budget is about $3.8 trillion per year. Hmmm. It is interesting that the higher estimate exactly doubles the current budget, (whatever that means.)

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