“Do you see it yet?” -Conservative Poet, New York Nadia, Urges America To Wake Up – IOTW Report

“Do you see it yet?” -Conservative Poet, New York Nadia, Urges America To Wake Up

I like how she uses the language of the left… slam poetry. A counter voice in their voice is very effective.

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  1. Oh, I see it. I think deep down the majority of the people see it too. But, how’s that saying go, 3% of the passionate control 100% of the indifferent.

    I bitch about everything she touched on in this video (and more) with my wife and she usually responds, “so what, there’s nothing you can do and worrying about it isn’t going to help. It’s not like we live our life like [that].”

    Yea, until we’re forced into things that are against our beliefs and at that point it’s too late. The sad thing is I agree with her on some level, it’s not like I can grab a corrupt politician by the head and yell at them. But the one thing that really pisses me off is the people I vote for that are supposed to represent my beliefs just roll over and take it like a bitch without a fight. Fucking RINOs have got to go. And then you’ve got someone like Rand Paul that stands up against Fauci for a few minutes and I get spammed from him begging, “send money so I can defeat Fauci.” Like what the hell do you need money for? Do your damn job.

  2. I’m seeing it from further away every day, but the objects in the mirror are still too much closer than they appear. I just hope my kids see it. They have to live a long time in it.

  3. The left pushes this shit on us hard to confuse and distract. You just have to stay calm and find a way in to drop bombs in their weak spots.
    There are plenty of them.

    Drop this chick’s bomb in your email ring.

  4. ecp: My first wife used to tell me “Don’t be upset by that. It doesn’t affect us.”

    The hell it doesn’t.

  5. Steal the language back is the message…

    The Communists have been in control of it too long.


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