Doctors promised disabled woman ‘new doll’ after planned forced abortion


Lawyers told the appeal court Monday that doctors had prepared the woman for the enforced abortion by promising her a new doll after the procedure. Fiona Paterson, the barrister representing the National Health Service (NHS) hospital trust that cares for the woman, told the appeal court on Monday that doctors had informed the woman that “she would go to sleep” and that “she would have an operation and when she woke up the baby would no longer be in her tummy.” To try to placate the woman, who did not wish to undergo the procedure, doctors told her that she would be given a new doll to play with after undergoing the abortion.Observing that the woman had previously been given a doll, Paterson said that doctors thought “the prospect of a new [doll] might be very appealing to her.”

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  1. Hillary Clinton should advocate for the disabled woman. Afterall, she believes the state can better raise children than parents can… That’s any child and any parent. [Source]

  2. BTW: the doctors told her the BABY would no longer be in her tummy? And are the authorities looking for the Muslim who impregnated her (rhetorical question).

  3. The cynicism and depth of depravity is breathtaking. We already know that these people are evil but to hear them give evidence of just HOW evil they are is mind boggling and disgusting.

  4. How did they divvy up the baby’s body parts and who made money off of them? Or was it just another usual blood sacrifice to the devil?

  5. @ Tony R

    Thanks for the heads-up. There’s plenty of room for whole nations. Looks to me like America’s heading here in a hand-basket.

  6. To them “their heart was in the right place.” Living surrounded by progressive subhuman shitbags, I can tell you that the prevailing sentiment among them is: a child is seen as a fashion or lifestyle accessory. Pretty sick, but once you get your mind around that to progs everything is about them it starts to make sense.


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