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DOD “Replicator” Initiative Starting to Concern People

The Hill

As the Defense Department is pushing aggressively to modernize its forces using fully autonomous drones and weapons systems, critics fear the start of a new arms race that could dramatically raise the risk of mass destruction, nuclear war and civilian casualties.

The Pentagon and military tech industry are going into overdrive in a massive effort to scale out existing technology in what has been the Replicator initiative. It envisions a future force in which fully autonomous systems are deployed in flying drones, aircraft, water vessels and defense systems — connected through a computerized mainframe to synchronize and command units. More

“This is the same as the transition from crossbows to guns, from cavalry to tanks,” said Steve Blank, co-founder of the Gordian Knot Center for National Security Innovation at Stanford University. “Thousands of these things that are semi-autonomous or autonomous is a major transformation in warfare. Period. All nations will eventually get here.”

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  1. Everything’s already connected to a mainframe. All they’re doing is removing the pilots. What’s a plane with out a pilot. A drone. The limiting factor in how a plane performs is the pilot.

  2. More stupid expensive, useless shit from the people who still can’t build a hypersonic missile and want to build another boondoggle stealth bomber, using technology which is no longer stealthy. People should be concerned about this Replicator crap. Not because of its potential lethality, but because it’s a distraction from the psyops-driven obsolete failure which our military has become, and it’s a tacit admission that the Pentagon can’t get enough competent, intelligent and physically fit people to field an army air force or a navy.

    And who’s going to build all of these robot wunderwaffen? We don’t make anything anymore, certainly not in the quantities required. Maybe the Pentagon can do another Operation Warp Speed, churning out untested crap.

  3. I would welcome any thought, consideration, or discussion on how we as a nation can make our military more effective, lethal, and better able to protect the homeland and project power internationally. The problem is that, from what I’ve seen, they care little about capabilities and more about appearances. High DEI scores, CRT, more ethnic hires (and less white folks by process), easier access to abortions and transitioning, and a culture taught to new recruits that the real enemies of democracy just may be internal, based in our own homeland, all these things take priority and have eroded the warfighting skills necessary to be effective.

  4. “Machines can’t make complex ethical choices,”
    Neither can congress.
    Mass amounts of money for for the tech and military complex.
    The one sure way to be able to kill indiscriminately.

  5. ” We don’t make anything anymore, certainly not in the quantities required.”

    Per ITAR regs all defense parts must be manufactured domestically. There are exception when we sell to friendly foreign countries. But for the most part that money stays here. That’s what I do, manufacture military parts and believe me I have plenty of competition.

  6. The military requires the most advanced and future advancement of all weapon systems as they are developed. That is if we are actually to enter a war to win it (you know like WWII, the last war we helped win).

    This is needed until old politicians, who never fight wars, stop sending the youth of our nations to their graves.

    The US is no longer sending our military to spread Freedom and Democracy. The CIA and other alphabet clandestine agencies create coups, interfere in elections and prop up dictatorships.

    Since the US enters wars without the goal of winning, are all the wars, genocides and chaos designed to meet the elite World Economic Forum’s world depopulation goals? Makes me wonder.

  7. “Per ITAR regs all defense parts must be manufactured domestically.”

    As it should be. The problem is that our military has been geared for punching down for decades, and our manufacturing has accordingly withered from mass production of simpler, sturdier machines to almist boutique production of expensive, complicated, delicate machines. Same with ammo. We simply are not ready for peer-to-peer conflict, and we may never be ready if drastic reformsare not made in military strategy, development and procurement.

    Brad, I have no doubt that your particular area of the defense industry is getting the job done, but I am afraid yours is the exception to the rule. I hope I am wrong.

  8. The US is at its weakest ever. Other world powers know this. Instead of social programs and promoting handling weapons while wearing fishnets and heels, they should be teaching tried and true methods of killing and tearing shit up as they once did. Orderint Dum Metuant!

  9. Thirdtwin

    With all due respect, you’re wrong. Our prime defense contractors are far and above any other countries. I’ve worked on weapons systems that have never been deployed. Amazing shit. Don’t confuse our current military with their available bad ass ordinance.
    There’s a reason we never were all that hot on a hyper-sonic missile. The Pentagon contracted Boeing and Raytheon to measure their effectiveness. They both reported back they were a waist of money because they soon would be easily defeated. They also ran computerized battles and low and slow won every time.

  10. Thirdtwin

    Your an intelligent guy. Lot’s of weird stuff going on right now with evil forces and our military. Like sending our armor over there after our Navy Seals blew up every bit of Russian armor at the beginning of this bull shit. If we can do it, so can they. This is not a battle for armor.

  11. “They also ran computerized battles and low and slow won every time.”

    When they run climate models, it gets hot every time.

    Not a big fan of computer simulations. Too much rigging for the desired result.

  12. Thirdtwin

    Well you’ll need to dig deep. But keep this in mind, Who taught peasants to fire a wire guided missile? Yada yada, why are we going in with armor when we’ve already proven it’s a kill zone for armor.
    Ruskies have this little radio controlled drone that I’m pretty sure they’re buying from Radio Shack for a buck 95. They stack it full of explosives and have destroyed ever German state of the art tank. Why the fuck would we send armor there?

  13. Thanks Brad , I will check out KASOC. And you’re right about the tanks. I am starting to think tanks are nearing obsolescence. They still habe a place on the battlefield, but only if protected by airpower and artillery. Ukraine has neither.

    The Russians are building and upgrading tanks at a shocking rate, but they are also doing the same with planes and artillery. To me, this points to a decisive kill shot next year. Our old Abrams and F-16s will be a fart in that hurricane.

    We may have the nascent ability to get our military shit together again, but by the time that might happen, events will have occurred, most likely not in our favor, and we will be looking at a new balance of power, one which is probably not to our advantage. And maybe that’s a good thing, if we all don’t destroy the world in the meantime.

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