Doddering Joe Forgets Australian Prime Minister’s Name

“I want to thank that fellow down under. Thank you very much, pal.

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  1. Somebody’s in trouble because Morrisons name wasn’t on the cheat sheets that Major Mumbles carries. He didn’t forget to challenge him to a pushup contest though.

  2. Looking forward to the day when Dementia Joe goes Down Under with Humper to close this deal. The Australians will feed them to the sharks. G’day you crooked bastards.

  3. TRF
    SEPTEMBER 16, 2021 AT 8:19 AM
    “Prime Minister Morrison shoulda referred to Joe as “That Old Bugger from North Americer””

    …he probably would, but it’s not like anyone in the history of the world has ever actually LISTENED to anything an Australian Prime Minister ever said, so it’s a bit pointless…

  4. What’s he thanking him for, anyway? Tips on gun confication and COVID concentration camps?

    …that would not surprise me in the least…

  5. It would have been better if he just plucked a name from his addled brain.

    Joe: oh…uh…scratches head….Prime Minister… …uh….Dundee…(to himself – I think that’s his name – first name is Crocodile…yeah Crocodile Dundee)…Mr PM Dundee….sir, may I call you Crock?

    PM looks at Joe sideways with pity.

    Joe: I know how you got your name…you were a young orphan and a kindly crocodile suckled you and raised you, right? You became a great warrior and started the Australian Republic, right?


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