‘You’re Really F***ing Me’: Biden Flipped Out On Manchin Over Spending Block

Conservative Brief: Joe Biden pressured Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin to sign off on his $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus legislation earlier this year after the West Virginia moderate signaled his opposition to it.

According to a new book by Washington Post vets Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, Biden called Manchin on March 5 to press him into supporting the spending bill, which was on the eve of the Senate’s vote, asking him to join the rest of his fellow Democrats in the evenly-divided upper chamber.

“If you don’t come along, you’re really f**king me,” the president allegedly told Manchin, according to details of the book, “Peril,” published by The Washington Post.

Manchin had expressed a reluctance to sign on to the legislation because of its high cost after Congress had already passed trillions in coronavirus relief in previous sessions. more

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  1. Beware of Manchin. Whatever he may say on any given issue, he has a record of bowing to pressure from Democrat party leadership. If the overspending is to be stopped, we cannot rely on any Democrat to stop it.

  2. Machin is trying to get some goodies for himself but if he was really smart he would say no and become a hero from this

  3. The Potemkin President ain’t the nice, empathetic individual the press keeps yammering on about. Looks like Manchin is keeping Grandpa Puddingcup from skimming his 10% off the top.

  4. They’ll find his “price”
    Remember when the sanctimonious Rep Dennis (the Menace) Kucinich wuz the high and mighty hold-out on Obamacare?
    It only took the Øbamboozler a few hours to come out to Cleveburg, give him an ice cream cone and an airplane ride to change his mind! So much for “standards”

  5. I’m no hairless innocent on cursing. I’ve been a mechanic of one stripe or another in several garages and factories, and ran with fire and EMS companies in life or death situations, been called everything but a White man by people in extreme pain, and courtesy of my dishwashing start in a Chinese restaurant, even picked up some curse words in Mandarin.

    I know how to cuss.

    But I also know when NOT to cuss. You don’t cuss at business meetings, you don’t cuss at colleagues you do not have a HIGH familiarity level with (unless they’re doing something REALLY stupid and dangerous, in which case cursing at them may shock them long enough to leave off the stupid), you don’t cuss at your customers, you don’t cuss at fellow bitchers in FRONT of your customers, you don’t cuss on broadcasts, you don’t cuss into microphones, and…most important here…you don’t cuss at colleagues you WANT something from.

    Joe did not START the crudifying of American politics, not with the Clinton administration being the first Presidency that couldn’t be discussed around children, but he certainly lowered the bar with his Obamacare “Big F’in Deal” celebration, and it’s been all down hill from there.

    Perhaps it should be taken with a grain of salt since he’s a fraud and not really a President, but cursing USED to be something a President just did not do, but with the Pedo pretendadancy, its merely expected behavior now.

    Maybe it’s deliberate. Maybe his masters want him to indulge in crudités to be a more unlikable, divisive asshole, or to further devolve the culture, to further shame the presidency, or to just push the nation that much closer to animalism by setting a very crude example.

    Or maybe he IS just a divisive asshole and that’s WHY he was selected for and frauded onto us.

    Either way, even this neurosypilliptic pedo should know he’s not going to sway opinons by cursing.

    Cursing is NOT persuasive speech. It does NOT win you freinds. It does NOT make you look intelligent.

    And it certainly does NOT belong in public business.

    Maybe I’m not hip to the jive. Maybe I’m not down with the kidz.
    Maybe I’m a relic of a bygone era.

    But if I have something you want and you’re having a formal business meeting with me to get it, the first “fucking” that pops out of your mouth in ANY context, I’m leaving and I’m done with you.

    Not because I’m offended.

    But because you just demonstrated that you’re an unserious person who can’t control themselves in polite company for five minutes, so I’m pretty sure I can’t trust you about ANYTHING, and you’ve also told me that you don’t have any valid arguments so I’m wasting my time listening to you.

    Yep, that’s a lot to get out of one swear word.

    But if anyone’s ever had anything beneficial come out of a meeting following someone throwing a “fucking” out in the middle of it, I’ve yet to hear it.

    Pedo is an infected incompetent, and age and disease have taken both his intellect and his filters from him.

    This just proves it.

    I would not do business with a man like this in ANY setting, because of all that I’ve stated above, but also this;

    It proves he does not respect me.

    Again, maybe it’s just me, but on things like this I’m a mirror. I will reflect what you show me.

    So if you show me disrespect, that’s all you’re gonna get back.

    I doubt Manchin thinks like that consciously. He’s a Democrat, so he’s an opportunistic, treacherous, amoral scum like the rest of the breed. I’m sure it’s more of a political calculus to him.

    But he’s still, on some level, a human being.

    And most don’t like to be cursed at.

    Dictators dictate precisely because they CAN’T persuade. To the extent that politics is the art of persuasion, Pedo is a miserable failure.

    But that’s precisely how they WANT him to be.

    Because eventually, he “loses his patience” with us, and so tries to impose his will by FORCE instead.

    …and if you look at it THAT way, the actions of the Pedo Pretendidant building to dictatorship start to make sense…

  6. They are both pleasuring the canine. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re the canines. I don’t trust either of them. One is suffering from Dementia, and the other one is a Dementiacrat. Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, the bisexual, gun-grabbing, reformed Mormon, atheist is more trustworthy. We’re truly being pleasured.

  7. Who knows the real reason.

    Fiscal Responsibility or Maybe not enough pork barrel for Other Joe?

    I don’t trust any of them

  8. The best math teacher I had in high school explained numbers this way;

    A thousand seconds is a coffee break
    A million seconds is a vacation
    A billion seconds is a career
    A trillion seconds is 315 centuries

    When these assholes toss around numbers like a “trillion dollar stimulus package” not half of them know what they’re talking about

  9. excuse Joey, the entire world is chanting F…biden*
    he has to lash out at someone

    Lucifer will sodomize him for Eternity. He can’t realize what’s coming

  10. Figlio
    SEPTEMBER 16, 2021 AT 4:58 PM

    Appreciate the sentiment, but I appreciate a community of folks that let me know the WHOLE world isn’t crazy even MORE.

    It’s good to be able to come here and vent. It’s cheaper than therapy, and avoids the liberal douchebag college professor smell of a psychologist entirely, so the benefit is all mine…

  11. I’m old enough to remember when the thieves in D.C. would harp on about needing a billion dollars for this & a billion dollars for that. You know, for the children or whatever other pet project they wanted. Now, they toss about figures in the trillions of dollars like it is just going to materialize. If they get their way, soon enough, they will be yammering on like the gormless losers that they are about how much they need a quadrillion dollars to keep the government afloat for the quarter, if they don’t get their way, we are all going to die pointless, agonizing death’s. They have no clue of what the scope of a trillion really is. nor do they care. I truly despise every one of them, both parties.

  12. Well, the F word is way overused and has long ago lost it’s shock value.

    Madonna, the famous slut, called the audience “motherfuckers” a few nights ago at the MTV show. Then she waddled away with her oversized stuffed ass-cheeks swaying back and forth. My wife said she had plug-ins to make her ass bigger.

    She must have been trying to get herself a black guy at the show by talking black and strutting around with a huge fake ass. I thought a lot of the “men” at the event looked about as straight as a crook-neck squash, so good luck Madonna.

    As far as I’m concerned she’s a old-bag has-been who ought to stay home and knit and drink tea.

    Grace Slick had the good sense to retire from the industry and now leads a quiet life painting and selling her pictures. She said it looks ridiculous for an older person to try to cling to a rock star life.


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