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Does Biden Think the Creepy Whisper is Effective?

That whisper makes you want to smash his false teeth down his throat.

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  1. face obvious observational facts … Joe Biden is a demented, senile person that has been an inflated ego, serial bully & liar his whole life

    this is the worst person that should be allowed any power over others

    he has been bullshitting his whole life so much for so long, & been allowed to get away w/ it, that I doubt he is the least bit cognizant as to how ridiculous he actually is.
    … & his handlers laugh at our focus on him … when we should be asking who has placed this dunce in charge, & why

  2. I think he uses that whisper to signify that he is letting us little people in on a secret. It is condescending and not nearly as effective as he seems to think it is.

  3. The whispering and yelling seem part of the dementia.
    Even the lefty media is saying the Dems are getting ready to dump him.
    I don’t know. He makes a useful puppet and they can drug him up to either give a speech or stay quiet.

  4. The human trafficking Joe Biden employs this stupid tactic in an effort to threaten, harass, and intimidate. Likely used the same clownish method on his minor-age daughter before molesting her, including on the women he sekually assaulted.

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