Donald Trump attacked by the left… “RACIST”

Irony Curtain beats back on their photoshopped bullsh!t.


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12 Comments on Donald Trump attacked by the left… “RACIST”

  1. Yes. In the same sense of saying or writing “thug,” “lazy,” “parasite,” “low-achiever,” “looter,” or “welfare-maggot” they hear “negro” or “black.”

    THEY make the mental connection and blame it on the speaker/writer.

  2. Caught in their own sick racist web of deceit. Too bad they get away with it so often we hardly bother to call them on their stupid word games.

  3. The thing about this is that the perpetually offended – and everyone that goes along with it and capitulates to their demands – are the ones who define what the person they are demonizing meant by what they said.

    NOTHING that anyone says is no longer what they mean. It only matters what the offended believes the speaker means.

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