HuffPo asks readers to orgasm to Obama photo

NewsMachete- No one could ever accuse the Huffington Post of not having sex on the brain.

obama huff poo

Whether it is articles talking about the joys of lesbian orgasms or transsexual prison guards or pleasuring oneself in community circles, the publication named for Arianna Huffington’s gay ex husband , the Huff Po is an eclectic mix of socialism, leftism, tribalism radical environmentalism, with sex tips mixed in to give the entire site a healthy seasoning of degenerativeness.

So when the HuffPo wanted to spice up a story about Obama using so-called “global warming” as his legacy, it had a photo of him under the big words “Climax!”. I presume this was a pavlovian command to readers to make themselves happy while viewing his photo.  MORE

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  1. Only deviants have an orgasm in his proximity. He has ruined the sex lives of more discerning, honest, decent people than Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton.

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