Donald Trump Taunts Hunter Biden as He Leaves Board of Chinese Investment Firm


President Donald Trump continued taunting former Vice President Joe Biden’s son on Sunday after Hunter Biden announced he was stepping down from a Chinese investment firm.

“Where’s Hunter? He has totally disappeared!” Trump wrote.

Hunter Biden’s lawyers released a statement on Sunday announced that he would step down from the board of the private equity fund backed by Chinese state-owned investment entities. After visiting China with his father in 2014, Hunter Biden secured a $1.5 billion investment.

In his statement from his lawyer, Hunter Biden promised not to serve on any other foreign-owned companies if his father was elected president.

That prompted Trump to question Hunter’s other possible financial ties.

“Now looks like he has raided and scammed even more countries!” Trump wrote. “Media is AWOL.”

It is unclear whether Hunter Biden will divest his business interests in the Chinese-backed investment firm, despite stepping down from the board.

10 Comments on Donald Trump Taunts Hunter Biden as He Leaves Board of Chinese Investment Firm

  1. Maybe Hunter and side-kick Chris Kerry are holed up in Bolivia like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. After they do this one last little job they’ll quit their lives of crime and retire…

  2. Hey Hunter, you dumb shit! If dear old dad doesn’t win the presidency your marketability as a member of any corporate board is gone.

  3. Where’s Hunted?
    I hoid the Chicoms want their influence money back!
    Investing in democRATs is starting to look like dumping money down the proverbial endless Rat Hole!

  4. Also missing? Any mention of this story on ABC World News Tonight opener just now.
    Don’t expect any traction on Quid Pro Joe. None of this will ever reach low info voters.

  5. If he “didn’t do anything wrong,” why is he quitting? The man boy has no scruples or spine to defend himself, but can only lie and try to spin his way out of all this corruption. Oh, yeah, the chickenshit paid someone else to make his statement for him.

    he is the bag man for the bog man
    drain the swamp
    With all the concern about global warming and raising sea levels, why is there no notice of the level of the swamp? It has remained unnoticed or ignored. Drain the swamp first and it will stop a lot of other things. One of the last things I want is dirty politicians writing corrupt, socialistic and rights denying laws that impede my God given liberty.

  6. old vaudeville bit- Some people’s fathers give them the company, my father gave me the business! …

    hunter and daddy are getting the ‘business’ right now.


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