Migrant Caravan Heading for US Gets Turned Back

Mexican authorities stopped a caravan of about 2,000 migrants heading north for the United States, the latest action by their government to crack down on illegal immigration.

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  1. I think the Mexican Govt finally got a clue that Trump means business, and could sink their business if they don’t play ball.

  2. “….Caribbean and African migrants..”

    One migrant was quoted as saying, “We (he and his three wives and 29 children) don’t want to live in Mexico. We want to go to the U.S. where there is a lot of freedom, you know, free medical, dental and vision insurance, and a free house, and free money..and stuff. I can be with my friends all day, just like in my home country, but then my wife doesn’t even have to work. It’s a good deal for us.”

  3. AA.
    Is this a true quote? If so, maybe someone should point out, if he weren’t hanging around the house all day with 3 wives, he wouldn’t be in the predicament of having 29 mouths expecting the govt to feed.

  4. Mexico knows they aren’t dealing with fairy Barry anymore. They’re taking President Trump, an Alpha Male very seriously.

    BTW, Where are these African illegals getting the money to make it to the Mexican border? – Soros? China? The Deep State is very busy.


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