Donald Trump Viewed More Favorably Than Biden By Democrats

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No matter how much communist Democrats, media and NeverTrump Republicans continue to slander Donald Trump, he is still viewed more favorably than the current idiot in chief Joe Biden. This is according to a left wing biased Harris-Harvard poll, that always oversamples Democrats and undersamples Republicans and independents. More

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  1. Slightly OT. It looks like AZ is about to come forward with some massive fraud and a bunch of these new services, like Breaking 911, are running stories about how Trump knew several days after the election that there was no fraud. The Propaganda machine is running overtime.

  2. Fuckall good that does given that if an election was held tomorrow the retarded democrat base would still vote for any fucking asshole with a “D” by their name.

    As Mat clearly states in his post; he knows not who was polled here.

    Remember the 2 radical left FAKE NEWS outlets said 90% of us qproved of RomnneyCare 12 years ago. When real Americans voted 75% SAID NO TO ROMNEYCARE! the leftist nets names for those not paying attention : cnn, fox

    This poll may be just as rigged!

  4. Don’t see many Biden bumper stickers. The guardrail at the off-ramp I use likes to collect political stickers; not looking good for Slow Joe there either.

  5. “51 percent of those surveyed believe Trump “was a better president than Biden.”
    And they only surveyed Democrats.
    Americans have 100% approval for TRUMP, the real president.

  6. Cancel the American wall – Help fund the Afghanistan/Tajfuckistan wall.
    Cancel US pipeline – approve Russian pipe line.
    Pretty sure the “America First” plan is out the window.

  7. Probably a pipedream, but I won’t give up that President Trump will be vindicated.

    We miss you! 😢
    MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


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